Neptune is staying in Lowee for a night. Financier has baked some potatoes for Blanc, Rom & Ram, and Neptune to share. The twin sisters ate the potatoes while Neptune was going for a walk. When Neptune discovered that the potatoes were gone, she ran away crying.

Financier was shocked by Neptune's reaction. Blanc understands Neptune just likes to eat food. Rom & Ram feel guilty so they try to find Neptune. Blanc bumps into Nepgear who thanks her for having Neptune. She needs to find Neptune herself and asks Blanc where she went. Blanc points her off and continues to look for Neptune.

Blanc wonders what to say to Neptune when she finds her. She asks her sisters for some advice. They suggest giving her some new snacks. She finds Neptune and tries to give her some potato chips. Neptune just refuses and Blanc leaves unable to cheer her up. Rom & Ram tell her she needs to make her something herself.

The twins summon out "Pyoshi", a cook "Pokkimon" that cook anything by ingesting ingredients then excrete the finished dish. The monster surprises Financier as she is going to get some ingredients in the fridge. Pyoshi makes a batch of cookies and Blanc takes them Neptune.

Neptune refuses them and Blanc returns more saddened by her inability to cheer Neptune. The twins ask her if there is anything else Neptune likes. Blanc remembers the time Neptune treated her for some crepes. She decides to make Neptune a choco banana crepe. Blanc put a great deal of effort to make this difficult crepe. Neptune refuses and Blanc snaps.

Nepgear hears this and thanks Blanc for everything and tries to take Neptune away. Neptune scurries up the curtains refusing to leave. Blanc, Nepgear, Rom and Ram pull and Neptune falls crashing into the four girls. Nepgear then ties her up and explains Neptune has a dentist appointment to get rid of her cavity. Neptune screams afraid that the dentist will hurt her.

Blanc is both surprised and relieved that Neptune did not really hate her. Rom & Ram point that to which Blanc denies.

Key Events

  • Rom & Ram eat all the sweet potatoes, some which was for Neptune
  • Neptune runs away crying
  • Blanc tries to cheer her up with different snacks
  • It turns out Neptune had a cavity and Blanc did not have to cheer her up

New Characters


  • In the chapter, a Pokémon inspired concept is called "Pokkimon" instead of "Pocketed Monstrosities", like in the Neptunia games proper.


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