It's Christmas in Lowee and Blanc watches the citizens out of the window, believing she's alone for the holiday yet again. She goes into the kitchen and sees Neptune, Noire, and Vert all dressed up in Santa costumes trying to prepare the perfect Christmas party together due to the end of year always being the most lonely time for a goddess. They realize they're missing a turkey as well as candles. Neptune asks Blanc for help and she and Noire end up dressing in huntress costumes to go and hunt the turkey. Blanc says the turkey's fat can also be used to make candles so they could kill two bird with one stone. When the three of them reach the turkey they are surprised at it's size and Neptune and Noire become overwhelmed, being unable to transform. Blanc transforms into White Heart and defeats the turkey, saving both Neptune and Noire. When the group heads back to the Lowee Basilicom, Vert cooks the turkey and Blanc makes the candle, thus concluding in a great Christmas for the CPUs.

Key Events

  • Neptune, Noire, and Vert try to setup the perfect Christmas party but realize they're missing turkey and candles.
  • Blanc, Neptune, and Noire go out to hunt a turkey as well as use its fat to make a candle.

New Characters



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