Title: A Glitch In The HDD

Volume: Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin Volume 1

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Compa is skipping happily along and suddenly trips. At the moment, IF appears and tells her that Neptune has contracted an unknown illness. They head to the Planeptune hospital where they see Neptune looking extremely blocky. Compa says she's heard this disease is exclusive to CPUs however she doesn't remember the name; she does however know of a specialist who may be able to help them. Compa leads IF to Gust who explains that Neptune has caught "Low Polygon Syndrome" and that her condition will eventually worsen to the point of becoming "Pixelated." Gust assures them she can help using her new alchemy method "Totori" to help find a cure. The only problem is that Gust is missing the ingredients which leaves Compa and IF to go out and look for them.

Compa disguises herself as a female hedgehog to get close to a male hedgehog. Compa eventually leaves and is pursued by the hedgehog who had become extremely attracted to her but was saved by IF who hit him on the head. After that they stole the hedgehog quill and proceeded to their next stop to obtain the remaining materials. They returned to the Planeptune hospital, giving Gust the ingredients to create the cure. Once they successfully cured Neptune of the syndrome Gust charges them with in insanely high bill. They then receive word that Noire has contracted the same illness and go to help her. They are surprised when they she looks like "Perappa."

Key Events

  • Neptune contracts the "Low Polygon Syndrome" which leads to Compa and IF seeking Gust's help.
  • Compa and IF go out and obtain the necessary materials to cure Neptune of the syndrome.
  • After helping Neptune they receive word that Noire always has the Low Polygon syndrome.

New Characters


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