After Neptune and Noire save a cat together, they see the Academic Building being attacked by a flower monster. Noire asks one of the Basilicom workers where it came from and to which they respond to only just noticing it themselves. Noire transforms into Black Heart and makes quick work of the monster before reverting back. One of the workers shows Noire a letter stating that they hope they enjoyed the present (the monster) and that the whole country is going to be shaken up so they hope they look forward to the next "big present" they're sending. Ganache appears and explains how The Guild has been hacking into and remodeling monster discs.

However, the monsters went berserk so the sealed the discs up and locked them away. Someone raided The Guild and the made off with the discs leading into the events that had transpired in Lastation not too long ago. One of the Basilicom workers remembered a woman leaving the letter from before so they assume Arfoire has been revived. Noire decides to take countermeasures and does thorough search of the building while Neptune goes out on patrol around the perimeter.

Noire, Ganache, and the subordinates all find a simple laboratory within the one of the building's rooms as well as the fragments of the stolen discs along with a hidden picture of Arfoire. They arrive at the conclusion that it is not Arfoire who is behind the matter but rather a follower of Arfoire or perhaps copycat. Ganache assumes that they are not trying to revive Arfoire but rather kill the CPUs. This causes everyone to realize that Neptune is in danger.

Key Events

  • A flower monster attacks the academic hall and is defeated by Noire.
  • They receive a letter from the perpetrator stating that plan on doing something else.
  • They search the building for anyone suspicious and find the lab of the suspect.
  • Ganache comes to the conclusion that the person is a follower of Arfoire and is trying to kill the CPUs.

New Characters


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