Neptune gets attacked by monsters and Noire immediately arrives on the scene to warn her before it's too late. Neptune transforms into Purple Heart and attempts to defeat the monsters only to be stopped by Black Heart who says the hacked monsters are just citizens of Lastation so she can't kill them. Ganache finds the perpetrator and holds them at gunpoint, asking who they are. They reveal themselves to be Dr. G-II Bots, the one and only follower of Arfoire. She talks about how she used to serve Arfoire and how they had a mutual love for each other when it more one-sided than anything else. Now with her ideal world dead and her support gone, she wishes to kill the CPUs to get revenge for Arfoire. She summons another monster using one of the discs and captures Ganache, telling Purple Heart and Black Heart to drop their weapons. Right in the middle of feeling like they were done for, the cat that had been saved before was also turned into a monster and did not hurt them. They used this chance to strike back and defeat the perpetrator with "Double CPU Kick" and thus saving the day.

Key Events

  • Neptune is attacked by monsters and tries to transform to defeat them only to be stopped by Noire due to them being residents of Lastation.
  • The perpetrator reveals themselves to be Arfoire's follower and plans on killing the CPUs to get revenge.
  • The perpetrator almost wins but when one of the monsters turns out to be the cat that was saved by Neptune and Noire, they use that chance to swiftly defeat the enemy.

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