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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection (神次元アイドル ネプテューヌPP, lit. Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP, also called Ultradimension Neptune PP) is a spin-off game on the PlayStation Vita. The player takes on the role of the main character, who falls into Gamindustri and is immediately hired by one of the four CPUs—Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert—to be their producer and manage their idol careers.


Behold, Gamindustri—
a world that remains peaceful thanks to the power of the Console Patron Units.
Something appears that shakes the very foundation of this world!

The world has been taken over by an idol boom.
This growing interest in pop stars has caused the source of the CPUs'
powers—shares—to vanish.

Unable to ignore the situation any longer,
the CPUs call for an emergency meeting...


Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection takes place in alternate Ultra Dimension that is the same as the Ultra Dimension of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory in terms of geographical structure. In this dimension, residents who typically are not from this world such as the Four Felons exist as well as numerous others.


Producer Mode

Your job is to become Gamindustri's top idol producer and raise one of the four CPUs, chosen by you, into a pop idol and gain the majority of Gamindustri's shares. Guide the CPUs' idol careers by selecting their daily activities. You can only choose one activity per day. Try to raise your shares (number of fans) by raising the CPU's stats.

Also, knowing when to rest is vital in keeping the CPU's stress level down. Increase the CPUs' shares by putting on concerts. Select the song, costume, and stage effects. You can give various stage directions during the concert, such as lighting and effects cues. Stage Points and Audience Satisfaction will change depending on your directing skill, which will affect the end-of-concert evaluation.

Unlimited Concert Mode

The player is free to prepare for as many concerts as they desire. Some setup options may be available here that are not available to you in Producer Mode, such as some unique supporting characters you can place onstage. You can choose between a solo set, a duet, or a trio. You can also select which of the four CPUs will sing.

Viewer Mode

When you touch the characters (using the Vita touchscreen), they will flash various poses. You can change the angle, zoom, character costume, and background image. Viewer Mode also has an Alarm feature. When the designated time is reached, your special somebody will wake you up in an equally special way.



Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese), Melissa Fahn (English)
Planeptune's Unpredicatable CPU
Neptune's Quote: "Take a proper look at the game's title. Now you gotta pick me, right? After all, that's what the main character is here for!"
Voiced by: Asami Imai (Japanese), Erin Fitzgerald (English)
Lastation's Tsundere CPU
Noire's Quote: "I'll show you my power by becoming Gamindustri's top idol overnight. So...pick me!"
Voiced by: Kana Asumi (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
Lowee's Hot-Cold CPU
Blanc's Quote: "Even if I have to put my name as CPU on the line, I won't lose at being the best idol. And I've vowed not to lose my cool...for a little while."
Voiced by: Rina Satou (Japanese), Tara Platt (English)
Leanbox's Hardcore Gamer CPU
Vert's Quote: "Our goal this time is to become an idol, huh? Will you choose me? Whatever the case, we should play a game first."


Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
Neptune's Dependable Little Sister
Nepgear's Quote: "If my big sister agreed to it, then there's no doubt in my mind that this will be lots of fun. Let's do our best together!"
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Japanese), Sarah Anne Williams (English)
Noire's Persevering Little Sister
Uni's Quote"My sister already has me, so you're not needed!"
Voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese), Carrie Keranen (English)
One of Blanc's Twin Trouble Makers
Rom's Quote: "I'm...really excited to see Blanc as an idol."
Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara (Japanese), Shelby Lindley (English)
One of Blanc's Twin Trouble Makers
Ram's Quote: "I wanna do it, too! Let's all be idols, okay?"




  • Start Producing!
  • My Room
  • Road To The Top
  • Only My Stage
  • After The Live
  • Elegy
  • One-Two-Three
  • NOIRE's Theme
  • BLANC's Theme
  • VERT's Theme
  • NEPGEAR'S Theme ver.V
  • UNI's Theme Ver.V
  • ROM & RAM's Theme Ver.V
  • PLANEPTUNE's Theme Ver.V
  • LEANBOX's Theme Ver.V
  • LASTATION's Theme Ver.V
  • LOWEE's Theme Ver.V
  • Item Synth
  • Between Earth And Sky
  • The World Of Imagination
  • 100$
  • Blue Twilight
  • Rough Flash
  • Minicar
  • Lite Light
  • Strong Determination
  • Continuous Hits
  • Nepstation
  • La Dele Dele
  • PLANEPTUNE's Theme
  • LEANBOX's Theme
  • LASTATION's Theme
  • LOWEE's Theme



Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Producing Perfection Official English Trailer


Hyperdimension Neptune™ Producing Perfection Neptunia Trailer (Neptune)


Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Producing Perfection Noire Trailer


Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Producing Perfection Blanc Trailer


Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Producing Perfection Vert Trailer


Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP Opening Video


  • This is the last Hyperdimension Neptunia game to be published by NIS America.
  • Due to the gameplay utilizing the touchscreen, it is unlikely that this game would ever get a PC-port on Steam like the other spin-offs do.
  • Not counting Limited Editions, this is the first game to have Neptune's human form appear on the standard front cover.


Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection