Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation
US Boxset
超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ The Animation
(Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation)
Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Parody, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Anime television series
Directed by Masahiro Mukai
Written by Shogo Yasukawa
Creative director(s) Hitomi Takechi
Sachiko Mori
Shinya Yamada
Masaki Tanigawa
Opening theme "Dimension tripper!!!!" by nao
Ending theme "Neptune☆Sagashite" by Afilia Saga
Music by Masaru Yokoyama
Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Kenji Kaneko
Studio David Production
Licensed by NA Funimation
Network BS Animax, BS11, KBS, SUN-TV, Tokyo MX, tvk
Original run July 12, 2013 - September 27, 2013
No. of episodes 12 + 2 OVAs
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Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation (超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ The Animation, Chōjigen Geimu Neputyūnu Ji Animēshon lit. "Super Dimensional Game Neptune The Animation") is a Japanese anime television series produced by David Productions. The series was licensed by Funimation, who has dubbed the series in English and distributed it in North America. It is based on the Hyperdimension Neptunia video game series.


"This is Gamindustri (ゲーム業界, Geimugyōkai). Beings called the Goddesses rule the countries of this unreal world. The four Goddesses govern four states: Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee and Leanbox.

"For many long years, these countries fight each other for Shares, the source of the Goddesses' power.

"However, fearful that the conflict would pointlessly erode their countries' strength, the Goddesses signed a Friendship Treaty forbidding them from taking the Share by force.

"Under the treaty, the Goddesses and their younger sisters took a new stage in their relations.

"It was the dawn of a new, dynamic era marked occasionally by shared laughter, disputes as well as cooperation.

"What does the future hold in store for Gamindustri?"


The anime is set in the vicinity of Gamindustri. Each of its four ruling nations is present, along with places like its respective cities and places like pastures and caves inhabited by local people or monsters alike. New locations not present in any game also appear. New places include the Zune district, a district in Leanbox that has a waste disposal plant, and R-18 Island, a resort island where only adults may enter.

The world conforms to the mainline games as presented in the Hyper Dimension in general terms. Ultra Dimension characters appear, and and a small portion of the Ultra Dimension is explored in the OVA episode. It presumably matches up with the Ultra Dimension as presented in the mainline games.


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# Title Original Air Date
01 The Goddess (Neptune) of Planeptune July 12, 2013
In Planeptune, the CPUs of Gamindustri have signed a friendship treaty, banning the use of military force to take Shares. A month has passed since then. Due to Neptune's idleness, Planeptune's Shares are slowly declining, so Neptune decides to learn more about the duties of a CPU from Noire. Noire initially declines, but she later helps Neptune by getting her assigned to a mission of taking care of the monsters in Nasuume Highlands and Toruune Cave. Neptune, with the help of Nepgear, IF, and Compa, takes care of the Dogoos in Nasuume Highlands, while Noire takes care of the monsters in Toruune Cave. In HDD form, Noire eliminates the monsters within with ease until she reverts back to her human form for an unknown reason. Cornered by an Ancient Dragon, Noire is overwhelmed until Neptune goes to the cave and puts an end to the Ancient Dragon. Somewhere near Toruune Cave, Warechu and Arfoire is revealed to be searching for something within the cave. Planeptune gained some Shares, but it's unknown whether it's due to Neptune completing the mission or Neptune's photos of Nepgear that were accidentally leaked on the Internet.
02 The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee July 19, 2013
Neptune, Nepgear, Noire, and Uni goes to Lowee to visit. Along with Rom and Ram on their playful antics including a caretaker, Blanc is doing business with Vert when Neptune and the rest finally arrives. Without Blanc, the party decides to go to Lowee's newly opened amusement park. Rom and Ram is lured and ultimately captured by Trick and Underling. Abnes interviews Blanc about the twins' capture, which is broadcasted all over Lowee. Blanc suddenly collapses. Eventually, Vert is able to pinpoint their location using Terra View (a satellite imagery service and part of a proposal between Vert and Blanc), which is in a ride under construction in the same amusement park. Vert dispatches Trick outside after infuriating her, and Noire sends off Underling through the sky. Regaining his stance, Trick tries to take Rom and Ram back in his clutches until Blanc shows up and dispatches Trick. Somewhere, the caretaker from before is revealed as Arfoire, who is shown to have a mysterious, glowing, red, cross-shaped object in her possession. In the end, Blanc reveals that she collapsed last time due to spending countless nights working on a story.
03 A Weekend (Girls' Night) in Leanbox July 26, 2013
In Leanbox, IF, Compa, and the CPUs, excluding Vert, attend a 5pb. concert. Underwater, Warechu finds an acquires a glowing, red, cross-shaped object. Wondering why Vert didn't go the the concert, the group goes to Vert's residence. Nepgear finds Vert, and the group finds out that Vert got caught up with a video game. Vert is also suppose to throw the party but says that she's in a middle of a game. Forced to wait, the group prepares for the party. Nepgear, IF, and Compa are in charge of buying ingredients, while the rest cleans up. Warechu is running when he suddenly trips, dropping the red object in the process. Compa spots him and gives him a checkup. Nepgear notices and picks up the red object, and she suddenly experiences a painful sensation. Warechu grabs the object back and runs away. Vert is informed of monsters in a waste processing plant. Neptune, Blanc, and Noire tags along with Vert and takes care of the monsters. After taking care of the monsters, they were abruptly confined by Arfoire using the red objects, which is revealed to have the ability to rob and steal their abilities by severing them from their Share Crystals. IF and Nepgear arrives shortly and spots the bounded CPUs.
04 The Resolve (Turn) of the Younger Sisters August 2, 2013
In the waste disposal plant, the CPU's powers are being drained by the Anti-Crystals, ultimately reverting them back to their human forms. Nearby, Nepgear and IF retreats back to Leanbox. Nepgear feels at fault and reveals her encounter with the Anti-Crystal. Uni blames her for her sister's capture but later unites with Nepgear along with Rom and Ram to liberate their sisters. Using Vert's game system, the CPU Candidates train with IF, Compa, and eventually Abnes on combat. With the exception of Abnes, the group finally arrives in the waste disposal plant and fight their way to rescue the Hearts. Feeling inundated by the monsters, Nepgear feels at fault and leans on her sister to help her. Momentarily, she concludes that she relies on her sister too much and is afraid to become stronger than her. She gains her resolve to her feeling, enabling her to transform into HDD form.
05 The Resonance (Limit Break) of the Goddesses August 9, 2013
Nepgear, Uni, Rom, Ram, Compa, and IF fight their way to the CPUs. With Nepgear's HDD form, the group defeats the vast amount of monsters in the waste disposal plant. They advance to the confined Hearts but was stopped by Arfoire, who transforms into a CPU-like form. Rom, Ram, and Uni eventually discovers their transformation, but they're overpowered by Arfoire, who uses the Anti-Crystal's energy. The Hearts are completely subdued by the Anti-Energy of the Anti-Crystal, but they fight on to live. The CPU Candidates see their determination to live and focus their energy against Arfoire, negating the Anti-Energy she relies on. Arfoire is defeated, and the Hearts are liberated. The group returns on their own nations, managing to regain the Shares that they lost during their confinement. Neptune, Nepgear, Compa, and IF were having a picnic when a girl wearing a yellow dress appears out of nowhere and points out Compa and IF by their names.
06 The Secret (Your-Eyes-Only) of Lastation August 16, 2013
Noire locks herself in the office and starts undressing. What she doesn't know is that she's being secretly monitored. While Peashy "plays" with Neptune, Compa, IF, and Histoire discusses about Peashy's welfare. In Lastation, Blanc explains to Noire that a satellite was hacked by a Lastation server. Neptune and Vert comes along, and all the CPUs later discuss about the security breach. Meanwhile, Uni asks Nepgear for advice and explains that Noire has been locking herself in her office, doing something that Uni doesn't know. While trying to help her with a hidden camera, Nepgear comes across an interference, meaning there's another hidden camera in the office. Along with Rom, Ram, and Peashy, they decide to find the culprit. Along the way, they spot the CPUs in HDD form. The CPUs find the hacker's hideout and comes across Anonydeath. He reveals his photo collections of Noire, which he threatens to publish online should the CPUs arrest him. Noire tries to attack him, but he animates the monitors to defend himself with. After saying his threat was a bluff, he slips out while the CPUs were distracted, but he's stopped on his tracks by Peashy. He recognizes Peashy and asks if it's her name, confirming it when she says so. The CPUs and CPU Candidates eventually surround him. Anonydeath surrenders and is arrested. In his prison, he contacts someone and reveals that his actions of hacking the satellite was to find "the girl," who he found in a different context. Back in Lastation, a girl falls from the sky and lands on Noire. The others rush up to the scene. When asked for her name, she introduces herself as Plutia, the CPU of Planeptune.
07 The Fruits (Deep Purple) of Revenge August 23, 2013
Plutia, self-claimed Planeptune's CPU of the other dimension, is having dinner with Neptune, Nepgear, Compa, IF, Histoire, and Peashy. After finishing her piece of meat, Peashy takes and eats one of Neptune's but offers her eggplant in exchange afterwards. Neptune becomes repulsed and admits her dislike for eggplants. Outside, Arfoire and Warechu are spying on the group. Histoire is suddenly contacted by another Histoire from a dimension, who tells her that she sent Plutia in their dimension to find a source of a large energy spike that originated from the other Histoire's dimension. After relaying the message to the others, IF offers Compa a ride to her work. They're suddenly stopped by a gas put by Arfoire and Warechu that made them passed out. Later, Nepgear informs Neptune about IF's capture and decides to rescue them. When they arrive, they're forced to fight a bunch of eggplant monsters, which only made things hard for them due to Neptune's dislike for eggplants. As Arfoire shoves down eggplants down IF's throat, Plutia becomes irritated, transforms into HDD form, and attacks Arfoire. Arfoire is momentarily overwhelmed by Plutia before transforming into a large, winged eggplant, but the CPUs stay unfazed and slice "Eggfoire" into pieces. Warechu is about to confess his feelings and kiss Compa until Plutia grabs him by the tail and hurls him back and forth on the roof. In the end, the groups return back to Planeptune. IF has developed a strong aversion for eggplants. Arfoire gives up her ambitions for conquest and becomes an eggplant farmer, and Warechu decides to help her out.
08 The Paradise (Island) Forbidden August 30, 2013
Neptune was eating her pudding when Peashy tries to take it from Neptune, claiming it's hers. The result is a spilled pudding and Neptune saying she hates Peashy. Peashy doesn't take it well and runs away from her. The other CPUs and CPU Candidates from the other nations have seen the scene and label Neptune as the "bad guy." Setting that aside, the Hearts and Nepgear goes to R-18 Island to scout it for an artillery gun detected by Lowee's satellite. After gaining access inside, they find Linda, who acts as their island guide. They partake in recreations like tanning, playing volleyball, and building sandcastles until Linda resorts back on her villainous side and slips in shyness pills with maximum effect in iced tea and offers it to the group. Neptune drinks and shows the drink's effect. Plutia transforms into HDD form and punishes Linda for not being an upstanding citizen that she claimed before. Meanwhile, the other CPU Candidates, Compa, IF, and Peashy have their own swimming party in Planeptune. Histoire answers a doorbell and sees Rei Ryghts in the front door. After being set straight, Linda shows the group the artillery gun, which is actually a large bubble machine. Noire momentarily sees Anonydeath's figure before disappearing quickly. Back in Planeptune, Rei Ryghts claims Peashy as her mother and uses some dark-red energy to ensure that. The group from R-18 Island arrive back in Planeptune and sees that Peashy is gone. In the end, Rei Ryghts had taken Peashy to Anonydeath's apartment.
09 The Challenge (Rebellion) of Eden September 6, 2013
Neptune drags Plutia and Nepgear along to patrol for the large energy source. Meanwhile in Lowee, Uni, Rom, and Ram found Peashy's location using the nation's satellite imagery program. Compa and IF tags along with the Uni, Rom, Ram and find the apartment where Peashy was last seen. Inside a room, they find posters and flyers containing the same message Compa and IF received before, which are protests against CPUs. While patrolling, Neptune spots a pack of wolves and decides to attack it, seeing it as a possible threat despite Nepgear's dissent. Plutia decides to sit out, so Neptune tries to get her to help, saying they're also doing it for her own sake. Plutia transforms into HDD form, scaring the wolves in the process, and tells Neptune to stop lying to herself. The two battle until Neptune deflects Plutia's weapon. Neptune reverts back to her human form and regrets how she should have spent more time with Peashy. Plutia then comforts Neptune. Suddenly, Nepgear receives a message from Histoire that a new nation has been formed in R-18 Island. Along with the other Hearts, Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia go to the island to investigate. They're welcome by Anonydeath to Eden, the new nation that surrounds R-18 Island. Noire threatens to put him down until a CPU named Yellow Heart comes and eventually battles the others. Meanwhile, Plutia tries to interrogate Rei until Yellow Heart interferes and defeats Plutia with ease. The other Hearts eventually surround Yellow Heart and dispatch her in the water. As the Hearts wait for Yellow Heart to emerge, Noire spots Anonydeath, who seems to turn off a device. Peashy emerges out of the water and runs to Anonydeath and Rei, her "Mama" and "Papa." Out of disbelief, Neptune questions why Peashy's with them, but Peashy expresses her hate towards Neptune for hurting her Mama and Papa. Anonydeath then declares Peashy as the CPU of Eden. Rei relays Eden's demands for the rights to export the adult goods manufactured in the country to all nations in unlimited quantity, and non-compliance is a declaration of war.
10 The Battlefront (Conflict) of Oblivion September 13, 2013
A platoon of Eden's forces, lead by Peashy, invade Planeptune. Nepgear warns Eden's forces to back out, but a battle ensues between her and Peashy. Neptune is in her home, not involved in the situation. Amidst the situation in Planeptune, riots for freedom of expression are going on between all the nations. In a conversation between Anonydeath and Rei, it's revealed that Anonydeath used the same black mist used on Peashy to manipulate the soldiers of Eden and the rioters. The other Histoire determines Peashy as the source of energy that they're looking for and asks Plutia to bring Peashy home. Neptune becomes involve in the battle against Peashy and Eden's forces after Plutia consults her that nothing will change if she does nothing. Neptune battles Peashy in her own way, reverting to her human form and trying to convince Peashy to remember her. With Neptune's effort, Peashy sees flashbacks of her memories with Neptune, but she denies that she knows Neptune. She expresses her hatred towards Neptune by attacking her consecutively, but Neptune stands her ground. In R-18 Island, the location of Eden, Noire and eventually Plutia investigate. Plutia finds her way in to Anonydeath using Linda, and Noire breaks her way inside. They locate a machine inside, which they assume to be Peashy's power source. They destroy it, releasing the black mist from the rioters and the soldiers of Eden. Peashy reverts back to human form and still hates Neptune, but Neptune is fine with it as long as Peashy's fine. Eden is no more, and Peashy and Plutia have to go back to their original dimension. Peashy's memories remain the same. At the end, Peashy mutters Neptune's nickname, "Neptuna," but Peashy and Plutia are finally transported back to their dimension. Neptune reminisces her memories with Peashy. When she was cleaning up at her home, she finds a picture of her and Peashy eating a pudding.
11 The Emissary (Aggressor) of Old September 20, 2013
Planeptune's Shares skyrocketed, surpassing the other nations' amounts by a great margin. To thank the citizens, Neptune decides to hold a festival. She tried to invite the other CPUs, but all of them declined. During the festival, Neptune was called out by Blanc. At the rendezvous, Blanc attacks Neptune, demanding the Shares she claims that Planeptune stole from Lowee. Neptune states that she's innocent, but the situation only escalated further until Rom and Ram arrives. Blanc leaves Neptune with a warning of a possible war if she continues to feign ignorance. In Lastation, Anonydeath figures out that Rei Ryghts was the aggressor of the Eden case and informs Noire about it. Breaking away from her prison cell, Rei reanimates her nation, Tari, and transforms into her CPU form. Neptune finally arrives back to Planeptune and confronts Rei. The Tari CPU demands Neptune to hand over Planeptune's land and its inhabitants, which she claims to have owned in the first place. Despite the threats, Neptune holds her ground and resolves to protect her nation.
12 The Ties (Bifrosts) of Tomorrow September 27, 2013
Neptune battles against Rei Ryghts, but Rei stands impervious. Neptune's efforts were futile until the other CPUs arrive to provide assistance. They manage to destroy Tari's super weapon, causing an implosion on Tari's landmass in the process. Rei remains unaffected by Tari's destruction and still holds enough power to destroy the world, so the CPUs surround her to contain her power. After charging her power, Rei causes an enormous blast. The CPUs survive but reverted back to human form. Rei also survives but with enough power to kill the other CPUs. Before she could destroy them, Arfoire and Warechu arrives and uses Anti-Crystals to destroy Rei's Share crystal, causing her to lose all her powers. A few months later, Planeptune's damages are in the process of being repaired. A ceremony is held in Planeptune's Basilicom. In the end, Neptune revokes the friendship treaty, stating that the CPUs have achieved true friendships between each other.
13 (OVA) The Eternity (True Ending) Promised March 26, 2014 (DVD, Blu-Ray Only) JP
The little sisters are infected with the Bad End Syndrome, which causes them to have nightmares. In order to cure it, Neptune and Vert travel to Plutia's dimension to obtain the Shimmering Flowers. At their destination, Neptune is reunited with Plutia and Peashy, and meets the other dimension's Noire, Vert and Blanc. With the aid of the alternate CPUs, Neptune and Vert ascend a 10000-floor tower which has the Shimmering Flowers at the top. Neptune ultimately obtains the flowers, but when Peashy is in trouble fighting a monster, Neptune sends Vert back with the flowers and goes to help Peashy, despite being unable to use her Goddess transformation in this dimension. Only Vert makes it back to the dimensional gate in time, while Neptune misses the gate and is stuck in Plutia's dimension. However, on the way out of the tower, Neptune accidentally opens another gate between the dimensions, permitting unlimited travel between the two. With the 2 worlds linked, the Goddesses all meet and befriend their counterparts, and Neptune celebrate the occasion with a toast of pudding. 
OVA Shugo Megami (Nepu) no Natsu Yasumi July 8, 2019 (PlayStation Video) JP


Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation
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