The CPU Events are in events in Hyperdimension Neptunia that can be viewed after recruiting one of the goddesses. There are several for each of them.

001 Transformation!
Location: Lastation
Requirement(s): Recruit Noire
Noire tries to think of a fitting call out she can say for when she transforms. She goes through a number of different call outs but ends up stopping after a while due to being unable to think of anything that will do her justice.
002 My Call Outs
Location: Lastation
Requirement(s): After "Transformation!" event
Noire continues her attempt to make a fitting call out. She decides that maybe she will have better luck if she transforms first before brainstorming. Noire goes through another round of call outs and ends with slightly better results than her first attempt.
003 Guitar, Now in Session
Location: Lastation
Requirement(s): After "My Call Outs" event
After watching a high school band Anime, Noire uses her power as CPU to reopen a factory in Lastation to continue to production of guitars. She purchases a custom made one and masters the guitar solos from the Anime opening and endings. She thinks about starting her own band but realizes she needs friends to do so.
004 Who's That Lady...?
Location: Lastation
Requirement(s): After "Guitar, Now in Session" event
Noire returns from a Planeptune convention and comments on how wonderful the cosplayers were and thinks about who she should dress up as at the next convention. She suddenly remembers seeing a girl who looked like Blanc selling books. She then proceeds to talk about how she read one of the books being sold and how awful the writing was.
005 Unfortunate Black Heart
Location: Lastation
Requirement(s): After "Who's That Lady...?" event
Noire decides to check on what people are commenting about on her blog posts. She goes through a number of flattering comments before reaching one that is too awful to even be read aloud. Instead of just deleting the comment and being done with it, she chooses to copy the copy, change it a little, and post it onto another CPUs Blog.

001 Book Release Day
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): Recruit Blanc
Blanc finishes her work for the day and remembers that new books from IF Publisher are coming out. She refuses to leave due to the snow and thinks about sending Financier out in her place to buy them before she remembers that she's out buying groceries. She decides to make a list of what new books are out and to send Financier out to buy them out first thing in the morning.
002 Amateur Writer's Award
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): After "Opening" event
Blanc comments on how the book she is reading is trash and wonders how the the winners of the Amateur Writing Award get worse every year. She believes that her work is better and decides to apply for the award herself. She remembers an ad for laptop offer and decides to sign up for it. She transforms and leaves her Basilicom immediately after.
003 Time Passes
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): After "Amateur Writer's Award" event
Blanc finishes her work for the day and decides to work on her story for a bit only to realize she can't think of anything. She surfs the web, thinking she may get some interesting ideas. She then notices that she had been surfing the internet for two hours and comments on how the internet is a scary invention.
004 Time is Cruel
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): After "Time Passes" event
Blanc finishes her work the day and decides to try writing again only to realize she can't think of anything for a second time. She goes to an internet forum, thinking she may get some interesting ideas from there. After a while she notices she had been on the internet for three hours and how gotten booted due to new user forum restrictions.
005 Completion of a Masterpiece
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): After "Time is Cruel" event
Blanc finally finishes her book and decides to sell 500 copies of it at the upcoming Planeptune Convention. She figures she should make an order sheet for those who are interested but can't buy it if the books end up selling out.
006 Why Won't It Sell?
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): After "Completion of a Masterpiece" event
Blanc ponders on why she makes so many copies of her book but only a few sell. She believes she is talented and that it's the covers fault and not her own. While not wanting to stoop to such low methods to get people to buy her work. she decides to do it so that people can read her brilliance. After this, she proceeds in trying to locate an illustrator.
007 Unfortunate White Heart
Location: Lowee
Requirement(s): After "Why Won't It Sell?" event
Blanc sees there are a lot of new comments on her blog entries. She decides that reading them will be a good way to waste time and ends up seeing a displeasing comment which pisses her off. Instead of just deleting it, she copies the comment, pastes it onto the other CPUs latest entries, tweaks it a bit, and the posts it so that they can feel the same unpleasant feeling she suffered.

001 The Great Gamindustri War?!
Location: Leanbox
Requirement(s): Recruit Vert
One of the sanctified head to Vert's room to tell her that she should go outside today and get fresh air. He overhears her staging a supposed attack on Planeptune and orders to have those with good tanking and aggro capabilities by tonight. He goes and organizes an army only to come back and find out that Vert was talking about an MMO and not real life.
002 Heading To Planeptune
Location: Leanbox
Requirement(s): After "The Great Gamindustri War?!" event
One of the sanctified says that he can't imagine Vert playing games and asks her what kind of games she likes to play. Vert list a wide variety of genres she enjoys playing and the sanctified is impressed. He then states that he's never seen an arcade in Leanbox with such a wide variety of games to which Vert replies that Planeptune has them everywhere and she plans on heading there. She thanks him for letting her always slip out before leaving him to panic about hopefully only being scolded and nothing more.
003 Goddess' Gift
Location: Leanbox
Requirement(s): After "Heading To Planeptune" event
Vert returns from Planeptune after her arcade gaming session. She brings back many prizes which impresses the sanctified staff member. She gives him one of the stuffed animals she won two of as a thanks for allowing her to sneak off all the time. The sanctified staff member says that this will be his family's prized heirloom.
004 Unfortunate Green Heart
Location: Leanbox
Requirement(s): After "Goddess' Gift" event
Vert checks her recent blog entry comments and finds a displeasing comment. Instead of just deleting the comment and banning the person's IP Address, she copies the comment, pastes it onto one of the CPUs latest entries, changes it a bit, and then posts it. She then ponders on how the CPU will react.