Neptune gets scolded by Histoire for being lazy and not properly doing her job as a CPU. Nepgear arrives with Noire who has a bag of pudding cups with her for Neptune, denying that the reason she came over was to hang out with Neptune. Histoire continues to try and scold Neptune only to be ignored by her. In an attempt to get Neptune off her lazy butt and actually do some work, she asks for Noire to accompany Neptune and Nepgear on a quest.

Noire accepts Histoire's request and so the three of them travel to some ancient ruins to complete the quest that was given to them by Histoire which was to defeat Tulip monsters. Upon arriving, Neptune tries to defeat the Tulips only to realize that she isn't doing any damage. Nepgear comments that Neptune must have reverted back to level 1 due to being so lazy.

With Neptune unable to fight, Noire and Nepgear defeat the Tulip enemies instead which allows Neptune to level up considerably. Neptune, knowing she didn't do anything, gives Noire and Nepgear a bottle of Nep Bull to heal themselves. Noire comments on how it tastes awful and at that very moment they are attacked by a giant tulip monster. The monster uses its roots to constrict Nepgear and Noire, leaving only Neptune able to fight.

At first, Neptune tries to draw its attention away by being "sexy" which fails due to the monster not being interested in her. Noire tells Neptune to hurry up transform due to having leveled up enough to be able to fight. Once she manages to free Noire and Nepgear, Noire transforms as well and the two defeat the giant Tulip monster together.

After they return to the Basilicom, Histoire welcomes them back with Sushi for having done such a good job with the quest. Neptune invites Noire to eat with them and while Noire initially considers it, she outright refuses after Neptune calls her lonely and Nepgear calls her withdrawn.

The next day, Histoire sees the headline on the newspaper stating the the ancient ruins had been destroyed. She asks Neptune if she was near the ruins yesterday to which Neptune replies positively saying she was and they beat the snot out of the monster real quick much to Histoire's dismay.

Key Events

  • Histoire scolds Neptune for not properly doing her job as a CPU.
  • Histoire asks for Noire to accompany Neptune and Nepgear on a quest.
  • Neptune had reverted back to level 1 due to being lazy and so Nepgear and Noire had to defeat the Tulips which allowed Neptune to level up.
  • Noire and Nepgear are captured by a giant Tulip monster and are saved by Neptune after she transforms into Purple Heart.

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