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Blanc calls the CPUs together to discuss the Anti Crystal which is capable of negating a goddesses' share power. She explains that she had been keeping it a secret for a while because she had no idea how much of their share power it would take away. She also states that while she was on the mountain with Neptune after that avalanche the cave they were in was filled with Anti Crystals which is likely the reason they were initially unable to transform. She shows them the giant Anti Crystal she had dug up saying it was so strong that it can still affect them without even making contact. Neptune suggests that they pretend to not be CPUs in order to stop it from affecting them and puts on a Dogoo costume. She walks close to the giant Anti Crystal and it of course drains her energy but she keeps trying anyway until her face becomes completely corrupted. She makes Noire, Vert, and Blanc put on Dogoo costumes as well and the meeting ends with them having accomplished nothing.

Key Events

  • Blanc reveals the existence of the Anti Crystal to the CPUs.
  • Blanc shows them the giant Anti Crystal beneath the Basilicom.
  • Neptune tries to stop the Anti Crystal's effects by pretending to not be a CPU.

New Characters