Histoire reviews the chart showing Planeptune's shares. It has gotten worse and Histoire stresses out about Neptune's work ethics. Nepgear tries to calm her down, giving her tea saying that Neptune is doing what is best for the country. She snaps saying that all their work has been piling on a "Perpetual No Work Machine". She breaks the tea cup at the same time.

Neptune and Nepgear decide to sneak in Histoire's room at night with a large machine. Neptune asks Nepgear what she is doing and what is that machine. Nepgear replies that is the "Neptank" modelled after Neptune. The machine shows her the dream the user wants. Nepgear wants Histoire to at least in the night, see the "hard working side that only exists in her dreams". Neptune's reply was "That hits a bit too close to home."

Nepgear pulls out a creepy looking doll called the "Nepdoll". The doll is the devices that gives Histoire her happier dreams. Neptune remarks that doll will probably give nightmares based on its horrifying appearance. Nepgear hooks the doll up to Histoire.

In Histoire's dreams there exist a Neptune who finishes her work. She then goes out to patrol stating and promises to help Histoire with her work after she returns. Histoire notes this Neptune does not feel right, in fact it is creepy but this Neptune works so she is happy. The dream continues and Planeptune's shares skyrocket back up.

Histoire is fully satisfied and when she asks whether the dream Neptune wants a break or snacks, Neptune refuses. She states that she needs to be a shining example of a Goddess to everyone. Histoire just finds her annoying. The dream doll starts to malfunction and heat up. The "Neptank" commences a self-destruct sequence. Histoire then screams "This isn't the Neptune I know!". The tank blows up the Planeptune Tower with Histoire awoken and shocked while the normal Neptune tries to explain it is not her fault. Histoire then sighs "Haha, it's the usual stupid Neptune" and accepts her.

Key Events

  • Histoire complains about Neptune's lack of work ethics
  • Nepgear built a "Neptank" which blows up at the end
  • Histoire ultimately accepts the normal Neptune

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