Histoire barges in a panic while Neptune is playing games and eating chips. Histoire says "Something terrible has happened". Neptune wonders what the terrible things are and begins mentioning when she wrote passwords in Histoire's books or broke her teacups. Histoire would give Neptune a scolding but a more pressing concern is at hand, a meteor is hurling towards Gamindustri!

Histoire panics about the potential damage it could bring towards Gamindustri as blood splatters out of her mouth. All the other Goddesses have thought of counter measures and Histoire asks Neptune to think of a counter measure. Noire, transformed into Black Heart, appears on the screen saying she does not need to think a counter measure, she will take care of meteor.

Noire states she will destroy the meteor then have fun in her pool with Uni. Neptune remarks all she hears is a "death flag". Noire destroys the meteor with one swing of her sword. Neptune congratulates her and wants to host a party in her honor. Noire wonders how much Planeptune's shares will drop since she saved Gamindustri. She says Neptune has to start thinking about her shares now. Noire's transformation suddenly ends as a large anti-crystal inside the meteor starts hurling towards Gamindustri.

Blanc and Vert then appear on the screen saying that they have no effective countermeasure against the anti-crystal. They can only rely on Neptune and cute corrupted face to resist the anti-crystal. Blanc says they need Neptune to get to the anti-crystal and smash it headfirst. Vert wonder how Neptune can get there since she cannot fly up there because her transformation will revert. Blanc suggests strapping Neptune to a rocket. Neptune protests saying she does not want to go through with their crazy plans.

Nepgear solves all of this with something she always wanted to try once. She calls upon the Neptank mk2, and the Planeptune tower splits into two to reveal a giant Neptank. Neptune jumps into the machine and flies into space. Blanc and Vert worry about the pressure put upon Neptune. Neptune replies she does not worry about failure since it is the Goddessess' duty to defend their citizens when they need it. She also states she has to avenge their fallen comrade Noire. Noire protests though, saying "Wait! You mean I'm dead!?".

Key Events

  • A meteor is hurling towards Gamindustri
  • Noire destroys meteor
  • A large Anti-crystal is inside meteor
  • Nepgear reveals Neptank mk2 and Neptune is off to save the day and avenge their fallen comrade Noire
  • Noire is not dead, however

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