During the flight towards the anti-crystal, Neptune imagines flying a heroic, cool robot to save the day. However, she realizes she is in the Neptank. Histoire reminds her not to fool around and stop the anti-crystal. Nepgear is brought to tears by her taste in robots. Neptune then tries to retract her statement praising the coolness of her mech and resolves to save the world in a super cool way in her anti-crystal resisting face.

As she reaches the crystal, her face gets corrupted. She reaches the anti-crystal, uses her robot to grab on then smash it head first. It does not work, Nepgear tells her the triangle button which turns one of the tank's arms into a drill. The drill is not able to drill the anti-crystal. She pushes another triangle button and the Neptank's head turns into a drill. Nepgear gets excited over the romantic nature of the drills She pushes a bunch of triangle buttons and the Neptank turns into a tank with drills.

The anti-crystal gets closer to Gamindustri with Nepgear, Vert and Blanc starting to feel its effects. Neptune then flies her tank straight the anti-crystal and breaks splits the anti-crystal in two. The anti-crystal continues to fall towards Gamindustri. Blanc and Vert try their own cute corrupted face to stop the anti-crystal which does not work. Neptune states there is one last method.

She intends to use the self-destruct button while jokingly remarking that Nepgear is cruel to not put in another weapon. Nepgears claims it is her perference tearingly. Neptune says she is grateful for Nepgear's perfences and states while she may not be a good sister for making her sister worry, she will be a good CPU for defending Gamindustri. She flies into the two anti-crystal pieces and the Neptank explodes with Neptune in it.

A few days have passed and Nepgear buys some groceries noting Gamindustri is saved. A younger sister trips while her older sister helps her up. As Nepgear begins to tear up thinking Neptune is dead, she notices Neptune and her hair fried into an afro helped by Noire. Nepgear is very happy her sister is safe and Noire notes, they should not forget her.

Key Events

  • Neptune heads out to space to destroy the anti-crystal
  • Neptank mk2, armed with drills splits the crystal into to two
  • The crystal is destroyed by the Neptank mk2 self-destructing with Neptune in it
  • Several days later, Noire and Neptune return to Planeptune and Gamindustri is safe

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