Histoire begins a speech when all the Goddess gather in a meat restaurant. Neptune interrupts as she just wants to enjoy the moment with all the other Goddess. Neptune takes a gulp of her drink. Noire wonders if the drink was just pudding. Blanc makes a quick grab at meat which Neptune claims ownership of. Blanc says this is just like a battle of shares for the meat on the grill.

On Neptune's side of grill, there is very little meat so puts all the meat on her side of the grill. The meaty oil splashes and sets Neptune's hair get on fire giving her an Afro. Vert comments on how that Afro looks like the one she had when she came back with Noire after the meteor incident.

Neptune explains she and Noire landed on an island. The local tribesmen caught them and tried to sacrifice them to their Sea God, a squid. Neptune was slacking off in the battle and Noire gave Neptune her Afro in punishment. She then turned to squid into meat, some of which is being eaten in the restaurant.

Neptune then tips over her pudding, Noire tries to catch it but the two flip the pudding up in the air landing on Histoire. Neptune wants to take her clothes off and lick the pudding. Histoire refuses telling her this is not the way to spend a final chapter about.

Neptune is shocked asking her why she did not tell her earlier. Histoire says she did when she was making her speech. The Goddesses all one at a time reminisce about their time together which makes for a good closing line. When Neptune's turn arrives for a closing line, she completely goofs up her closing line.

Key Events

  • Neptune has a party with the Goddess and Histoire
  • They each try to have a cool line to end this manga

New Characters

  • None


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