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Planeptune's Share Crytsal is extremely dim due to Lastation having the majority of the shares which also results in Leanbox and Lowee having the same problem. Neptune, Vert, and Blanc organize a meeting to see what they can do to increase their shares. Vert suggests making a game but then remembers that because of all her online gaming was the reason her shares had decreased. Blanc suggests they form a writing circle but remembers that her writing was the reason her shares decreased. Neptune suggests they all become idols to promote themselves and is ultimately the idea the three CPUs go with.

Histoire becomes their silent producer as the CPUs begin their intense and dedicated idol training. Using their unique charms and skills, the CPUs manage to increase their shares. Eventually, they reach the point where they are about to hold a concert but Vert and Blanc drop out of being idols due to having other important things to do as CPUs outside of just raising shares. Despite this, Neptune decides to keep going as an idol even if it's by herself.

On the day of the concert, no one shows up except for just one little girl. While initially upset, Neptune decided to sing her heart out even if there was just one person there. Her show began to attract others and eventually Blanc and Vert joined her onstage, resulting in the perfect concert.

Key Events

  • Planeptune, Leanbox, and Lowee's Share Crystal's are all dim due to Lastation having the majority of the shares.
  • Neptune, Vert, and Blanc become idols to increase their shares.
  • Vert and Blanc give up being idols to focus on their other duties as CPUs but Neptune continues alone.
  • Neptune holds a concert but no one shows up except one girl. Neptune preforms regardless of this and attracts more people which leads to Blanc and Vert coming to join her on stage and making the concert perfect.

New Characters


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