Noire leaves Uni at the Basilicom to house sit due to having to take care of a quest as well as private business which would mean she would be coming back home late. Uni, not wanting to just sit around and house sit, asks Noire if she can do the quest in her place which is Dogoo extermination. While Noire acknowledges the fact that Uni would be fit for the job, she refuses to let her go since she can't transform yet. Neptune proposes that she and Nepgear can tag along with Uni while on the quest so Noire will have nothing to worry about but Noire still refuses and leaves, telling them not to go anywhere.

Uni, determined to prove to her sister that she is useful, goes out to do the quest along with Neptune and Nepgear despite Noire's words. They traverse a dungeon filled with traps and Neptune nearly falls through a trapdoor, only to be rescued by Nepgear and Uni in time. Neptune comments on how useful Uni is but Uni believes that her sister thinks otherwise. Neptune disagrees with this and tries to explain that her Noire relies on her by using Tonkatsu Sauce and Soy Sauce as an example. Of course, Uni doesn't understand until Nepgear clarifies what Neptune meant.

After Neptune spiraling into a series of traps, the three girls eventually run into a Giant Dogoo which Neptune gets caught it. More Dogoos begin to drip from above and attack Nepgear and Uni. Uni is at the verge of giving up but realizes that she came to prove that she wasn't a good for nothing. She gathers her resolve and blows the Giant Dogoo up into small Dogoos.

Just as Uni is about to be attacked from behind, Noire comes in and saves her just in time. Uni apologizes to Noire for going out against her orders and Noire states that she has a feeling that Neptune egged her on. Noire, knowing that her sister did her best was not upset as gave her the present she had went out and got after she left the Basilicom. Uni, feeling happy, hugs her sister and apologizes yet again. Noire tells Uni not to worry about it and that she'll be counting on her.

Key Events

  • Uni wants to go fulfill Noire's quest for her instead of house sitting and is refused.
  • Uni goes on the quest anyway with Neptune and Nepgear into a dungeon filled with traps.
  • Neptune gets stuck in a giant Dogoo and Uni gathers her resolve to destroy it.
  • Noire appears just as Uni is about to be attacked by Dogoos and gives her a present, saying she's not upset with her.

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