It's summer time and the CPUs and Candidates are all out at the beach together. The candidates display a lot of affection and attachment to Vert which causes the CPUs to become upset. Neptune convinces Noire and Blanc that this is just a dating sim to Vert and eventually she'll have all their sisters. They all make efforts to win their sisters back but to no avail.

Eventually Uni, Rom, and Ram all apologize to their sisters for how they were acting and that they still love their big sisters. Neptune assumes that this was Vert's plan all along to strengthen the bonds between the sisters. She tries to get Nepgear back but Nepgear is too attached to Vert's breasts.

Neptune, knowing that she only lost to Vert due to breast size declares that she at least has the best butt out of all four of the CPUs. Uni, Rom, and Ram get upset at this and declare that their sisters are the ones with the best chest and butt. Everyone began to argue at this and Nepgear apologized to Neptune for everything that happened.

Neptune says that Nepgear is still her precious sister. She then transforms into Purple Heart and tells her that if she ever has a longing for breasts that she can come to her from now on.

Key Events

  • All the candidates seem to be attached to Vert which causes Neptune, Noire, and Blanc to try and take their sisters back.
  • After Noire and Blanc fail, their sisters apologize and they all go out to play together.
  • Neptune tries to win Nepgear back by saying she has the best butt which causes a huge uproar between all the CPUs.
  • Nepgear apologizes for everything that happened and Neptune transforms into Purple Heart saying that if she ever longs for breasts that she can come to her.

New Characters


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