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The candidates go to the mall to buy presents for their older sisters. Uni knows Noire loves to cosplay and wants to get her a maid costume. However, when Uni sees the military costume she becomes extremely tempted to buy it after seeing the scope attached to the gun. Uni fights against her urge and goes to buy the nurse costume instead. Nepgear heads to the game shop to get Neptune a retro game but when she sees the Model Home Security Robot Bokumetsu she becomes extremely tempted until Uni makes her go against it so that she buys Neptune's game instead. Rom and Ram planned on buying the "Four Goddesses' Game of Life" board game to play with Blanc so they could all enjoy it together but Ram realizes she lost her wallet and Rom states that she only has half the cost of the game.

At that moment, Neptune, Noire, and Blanc arrive to see what's going on. The candidates explain that they were buying things for their sisters but Ram lost her wallet so they are unable to get Blanc a present. Vert appears disguised as a Hispanic toy manager from overseas and says that the board game is half-off so they can buy it. Neptune tells Nepgear that the reason they came to mall was the same reason as the candidates and gives her the mech that Nepgear had been longing for and Noire also gives Uni the scope she had wanted. Uni and Nepgear exchange their own gifts with their sisters and then everyone goes their separate ways back home. Blanc invites Vert to play the board game with her and the twins due to the game being 4 player, possibly as thanks for what she did for Rom and Ram.

Key Events

  • The candidates go shopping for presents to give their sisters and fight against the temptations of getting things they wanted for themselves.
  • Rom and Ram realize they don't have enough money for the gift they wanted for Blanc but are helped out by a disguised Vert.
  • The sisters all exchange presents and head home while Blanc invites Vert to play the board game with her and the twins.

New Characters