Histoire lectures Neptune on her laziness and talks about how Planeptune's shares are only going down. She suggests that Neptune follow the other CPUs examples which leads to Neptune pretending to be like the other CPUs to poke fun. Histoire yells at her further, saying she didn't mean for to pretend to be them but in the middle of her lecturing Neptune goes to take a shower.

Histoire comments that if things continue as they are then Neptune will most certainly lose her powers as a goddess and die. Nepgear overhears this and rushes to Neptune in the shower to tell her she's going to die somehow. After hearing this, Neptune goes out and completes all the quests she didn't do which causes Plaeptune's shares to rise.

When Neptune returns home, she acts as though she is in her final moments and is about to die. It isn't until Noire comes in with pudding that Neptune springs back into her normal self and acts as if nothing ever happened.

Key Events

  • Histoire lectures Neptune about Planeptune's decreasing shares.
  • When Neptune goes to take a shower, Histoire comments to herself that Neptune will eventually die if things continue as they are which is overheard by Nepgear.
  • Nepgear tells Neptune that she is going to die somehow which leads to Neptune doing quests and gradually increasing Planeptune's shares.

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