Neptune finds out that she has suddenly died without her knowledge and is sent to hell. She undergoes a series of trials which she beats easily due to them not being anywhere near as terrible as Histoire's lecturing. Neptune eventually earns the overwhelming support of Hell's residents. Now free to laze around and do whatever she wants, she feels like Hell is paradise and that she could live there forever.

At that moment Yama appears saying that a useless goddess who will not even reflect on her actions is not needed in the orderly hell. He attempts to send her back to her own world only for her to transform into Purple Heart. Yama is surprised that she is able to transform but Purple Heart states it's because she gained the faith of the people residing in hell. Yama gives in but asks if she has any regrets in her world. Neptune returns to Planeptune with the a group of hell's residents behind her. She tells Histoire and Nepgear that she died and brought back some shares from hell.

Key Events

  • Neptune realizes she's dead and gets sent to hell.
  • Neptune undergoes all the trials of hell and gains an overwhelming amount of faith from its residents.
  • Yama tries to kick her out of hell but Neptune transforms using the power she gained from the faith of hell's residents.
  • Neptune returns to Planeptune with the residents of hell and tells Nepgear and Histoire that she brought back shares from hell.

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