The story begins with an amensiac Neptune. She defeats a dogoo in a tutorial battle and the monster offers to become her companion. The monster wants to become her campanion. Neptune thinks about her current situation, she has amnesia, a shabby wooden stick, cool name, huge power gap between the monster and the dogoo wants to befriend her. Perhaps she is charismatic.

As a result, Neptune thinks that she is the Demon Lord. Neptune laughs and allows the monster to follow her as she amasses an empire. The dogoo gazes Neptune with admiration and follows her.

Neptune's first goal is to to take over the world. Her dogoo ally looks with a gaze of anticipation. Neptune begins to assemble with more companions by beating up a bunch of dogoos, thinking they will join her afterwards. Her dogoo ally looks concern with their breathen being whacked by Neptune's wooden stick.

Somehow, Neptune still manages to acquire a Demon Lord army of Dogoos. She announces to her subjects that she is the Demon Lord Neptune, the one who shall conquer the world. Neptune feels like she is missing something. She needs a castle and demands they build a Demon Lord castle.

THey succeed in building a scary looking Demon Lord Castle. Neptune praises her minions and demands pudding. Her original dogoo explains that they have no pudding. Neptune demands they buy some. The dogoo has a look of disgust.

Neptune tells her ally not to make that face. She explains it is a Demon Lord's responsibility to be in pristine condition waiting for the hero arrive. She demands her minions give her a super soft sofa, manga to kill time, sweets, juice, eye mask for napping, and elevator.

Neptune realizes that they do not have electricity, and that is inconvenient. They should install electricity, then get her a gaming console. Afterwards, they might as well rebuild the whole castle.

Her army has had enough and the Dogoo rebellion begins and overthrows Neptune. She is thrown off a cliff and has lost her memory. This loop continues until she convinces herself that she is a hero.

Key Events

  • An amnesiac Neptune defeats a dogoo and thinks she is a Demon Lord
  • She recruits an army of Dogoos but wastes it trying to build up a luxurious castle for herself
  • They overthrow her and in her fall, she becomes an amnesiac

New Characters

  • None


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