There are 35 trophies (1,230 Points) in total for Hyperdimension Neptunia U.

(22BronzeTrophy/6SilverTrophy/6GoldTrophy /1PlatinumTrophy)

Trophy Name Desc. Grade
HDNUT1 Ultimate thanks to YOU Completely played Choujigen Action Neptune U. GoldTrophy
HDNUT2 Quest Master Cleared all story quests. GoldTrophy
HDNUT3 Event Master Seen all the events. GoldTrophy
HDNUT4 Overall Overwhelming Victory -mode GoldTrophy
HDNUT5 NeptralForce Cleared Neptraltower will all the characters GoldTrophy
HDNUT6 One of Spectral Defeat the Next Gen Oni of the top floor in NeptralTower with a level 1 condition GoldTrophy
HDNUT7 Lily Master Max all lily ranks with all characters GoldTrophy
HDNUT8 Chapter 3 End Cleared Chapter 3 of Story mode. "After this who would have thought a special guest appears!! Nepu? I didn't hear about this......!?" SilverTrophy
HDNUT9 First Championship win Overall victory in GyoukaiChi Matial Arts Gathering SilverTrophy
HDNUT10 Climb to the top for the first time Cleared Neptral Tower for the first time SilverTrophy
HDNUT11 Level MAX Have a character at lvl 99 SilverTrophy
HDNUT12 Accessory Mania Collected all the accessories SilverTrophy
HDNUT13 Medal Mania Acquire all medals. SilverTrophy
HDNUT14 Activate Neptune Select new game in story mode, "Goddess" opening starts BronzeTrophy
HDNUT15 Activate Nepgear Select new game in story mode, "Goddess Candidates" opening starts BronzeTrophy
HDNUT16 Chapter 1 End Clear chapter 1 of story mode BronzeTrophy
HDNUT17 Chapter 2 End Clear chapter 2 of story mode BronzeTrophy
HDNUT18 Hyperdimension Clear a quest in while transformed BronzeTrophy
HDNUT19 CETA Costume break while doing a quest BronzeTrophy
HDNUT20 Goddess Watching Observe the goddesses ordinary life BronzeTrophy
HDNUT21 Generation of Sound Do a sound test BronzeTrophy
HDNUT22 Writer Souls New friends join BronzeTrophy
HDNUT23 Please Help Me Discovered the objective of an irregular quest BronzeTrophy
HDNUT24 Life is training Clear a quest while equipping an accessory with a demerit effect BronzeTrophy
HDNUT25 Lily Special Acquired a lily special BronzeTrophy
HDNUT26 EXE Drive Activate EXE Drive BronzeTrophy
HDNUT27 Bravery Do 9 999 999 damage in 1 combo BronzeTrophy
HDNUT28 Distant 999 Hit in 1 combo BronzeTrophy
HDNUT29 Enemy Crusher Defeat 999 Enemies in a quest BronzeTrophy
HDNUT30 Several Minds Use all the characters in a quest BronzeTrophy
HDNUT31 Global Entertainment Start a quest with the 2 game reporters BronzeTrophy
HDNUT32 Advance Purple Style Start a quest with Neptune and Nepgear "Let's go Nepgear!! this time us sisters are a double protagonists in the story" BronzeTrophy
HDNUT33 We're Here! Start a quest with Noire and Uni "Noire and Uni are competing again....but it seems fun, Their intimate sisters" BronzeTrophy
HDNUT34 Always Bliss Start a quest with Blanc and Rom then Blanc and Ram BronzeTrophy
HDNUT35 Mon Amour Start a quest with Vert and Nepgear "Nepu! Why does Vert and Nepgear have a coupling!? Vert you love Nepgear too much...I hope Vert can have a sister someday" BronzeTrophy
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