Current is the prologue of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory where the player learns the basic mechanics of the game. 


Neptune faces off against Noire, Vert, and Blanc in a game and is defeated due to them teaming up against her. Nepgear arrives with refreshments for them and Histoire comes shortly after to scold both of them; Neptune for lazing around and not properly acting as CPU, and Nepgear for enabling Neptune's behavior. The other CPUs leave and head back to their own nations, leaving the two deal with Histoire on their own. Neptune and Nepear are kicked out of the Basilicom until they do some work. With that, the two head to The Guild, to complete some quests. In the middle of this they also travel to the other nations to visit the CPUs and the CPU Candidates.

They also end up meeting Rei Ryghts who is running a movement against the goddesses. She flees not to long after seeing them. They return to the Basilicom and meet Compa and IF and learn more about the movement against CPUs but IF says that Rei seems harmless to say the least. Rei, who had gotten lost after running, ends up meeting Croire and getting a dark energy forced into her mouth.

The next day, Neptune is forced by Nepgear to go out and work by herself. It is then that Neptune runs into Rei for a second time who is still lost. Neptune, trying her best to prevent Rei from being upset, ends up only angering her further which results in Rei sending Neptune to the Ultra Dimension. Rei is surprised and believes she has made Neptune disappear and begins to laugh.

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  • [Noobs] Dogoo damage!
  • My Summer Vacation
  • Scent Fetish
  • I Hate Robo
  • Pure 2 Heart

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  • The Dance Video

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