Lastation's Rise to Fame is the second chapter of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.


Three years have passed in the Ultradimension. Noire has fonded Lastation and has taken a considerable amount of shares from Lowee, which ultimately causes bad blood between the two nations. Histoire kicks Neptune and Plutia out of the Basilicom so that they can visit Noire in Lastation and learn how to work like proper CPUs. Noire teaches them how to use the Scout System and the two head back to tell Histoire about it. However, since they didn't learn anything else, she sends them right back to Lastation. The Seven Sages organize a meeting to talk about Lastation's unprecedented growth and try to figure out a way to deal with it.

Abnes heads to Lowee to inform that the CPUs of Planeptune are in Lastation and possibly learning ways to develop their own country. She goes on to say that it is possible that if Planeptune experiences growth similar to Lastation then they will take the remaining bit of Lowee's shares. Enraged, Blanc heads to Lastation to confront Neptune, Plutia, and Noire but soon realizes that she didn't think things through and has no real reason to even be there in the first place.

In order to prevent the CPUs from fighting and possibly starting a war, the Seven Sages send Copypaste and Pirachu to a Lastation factory to destroy it so that Noire's attention will be taken away from Blanc. Noire, Neptune, and Plutia make their way to the factory to deal with the threat, but not without Noire telling Blanc not to cause anymore trouble beforehand. Copypaste and Pirachu trick Noire into believing that Blanc was only in Lastation to serve as a distraction so that the Sages could destroy the factory. This leads to her assuming that Blanc is working with the Seven Sages while Neptune believes otherwise.

Neptune and Plutia return to the Planeptune Basilicom and receive contact from Histoire in the Hyperdimension. It is established that for every day that passes in the Hyperdimension, a year passes in the Ultradimension. In order for Neptune to return home, Histoire states that she must increase Planeptune's shares. After this, the connection is severed.

New Characters

New Quests

  • Protagonist requisites
  • The Eastern Field
  • My Liege
  • Mix and mix well
  • They're on the move
  • Challenger
  • [Urgent] Demon treasure
  • An evolving tomorrow
  • Dogs are hot
  • KOMO's Kitchen
  • Random intentions
  • Shampuru!
  • Bourbon
  • Shampuru Festival!
  • Trade Pass
  • Underground
  • Mushrooms vs. Bamboo

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  • Nepstation News, Episode 1
  • Walletcrusher Nep, Episode 1
  • Millionep Quiz, Episode 1
  • Introducting Discs
  • Ear Cleaning
  • CPU-like Clothing

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