Three Nations Contesting is the third chapter of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.


Noire comes to the Planeptune Basilicom to complain about Lowee and the Seven Sages. Plutia grows irritated of Noire's complaints and transforms, giving her a “lecture” to convince her to go to Lowee and voice her complaints directly to the CPU. After Noire gets out of her traumatized state, she, Neptune, and Plutia head to Lowee by running past the border patrol unit. When in Lowee Plutia, who is lost, bumps into Vert. When Neptune and Noire finally locate Plutia, Neptune nearly exposes Vert's identity as the CPU of Leanbox until Vert tells her to keep it a secret.

The girls, along with Vert, make their way to Lowee Basilicom where they are met with Blanc, Mr. Badd, Abnes, and Pirachu. It is revealed that their fight will be broadcast live on TV so that everyone can see Blanc defeat the other CPUs. Vert quickly makes her getaway due to not wanting to be seen on TV. The remaining CPUs face off against Blanc, ultimately winning. This plays directly into the Seven Sages plans as they never expected her to win in the first place. With Blanc's defeat broadcast live to her entire nation, she suffers an extreme decrease in shares. Mr. Badd uses this to take over her nation while imprisoning Blanc and the others due to them being too weak to fight back.

While incarcerated, Plutia talks with Blanc and eventually tells her that she and the others will be her friends and will also help take back her nation. Vert arrives with the master key to the cell and lets them out. Now being free, the party makes their move to stop Mr. Badd by broadcasting his defeat live during is speech. When they all transform to prepare for battle, Blanc is the only one who cannot due to not having enough faith. Neptune, Noire, and Plutia give Blanc their own faith which is just enough for her to transform. Together, the four CPUs take down Mr. Badd and have him expose his evil deeds live on television. After that, Blanc thanks Neptune and Plutia for their help, not wanting to thank Noire for being so rude to her beforehand. Blanc says that maybe she'll come to Planeptune to see Plutia after she's finished restoring her nation, and Neptune, Plutia, and Noire all head home.

New Characters


New Quests

  • The Famous “That”
  • Suspicious folks
  • Rare guitar controller
  • Eliminating firearms
  • Getting seven together
  • Hina Doll
  • Arrogant new CPU
  • Forced Friendliness
  • A heavy request!
  • Really...
  • [Fierce] Save her!

New Colosseum Battles


Areas Explored

Side Events Available


  • Nepstation News, Episode 2
  • Walletcrusher Nep, Episode 2
  • Millionep Quiz, Episode 2
  • Plutia Meets Histy

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