Ah, of course you guys have progressed this far... you're in a party with Vert! Nice, we're focusing on managing shops in the city.
— IF

She belongs to Planeptune's Intelligence Guild. She's known Neptune and Compa for a long time, and they're all very close. As one of the few people around with common sense, she is usually the one looking out for others. When someone is being ridiculous, she'll usually be the first one to say something about it. That being said, she's, of course, constantly troubled by the zany antics of Neptune and Compa.

She has chosen the Adventurer class within this game. Together with Compa, she collects or synthesizes items, then sells them in their shop for money and EXP. IF is in charge of utility items. [1]



IF's overall figure remains the same. However, her outfit has changed from her Spectral Brand to look a lot more adventurous. She now a black Leafy Bow with that is golden at the ends. It has a yellow button in the center. She also wears a teal cape, gray shoulder guards and black shorts. Her jacket reveals her midriff. On her outfit are three belts, one on her shorts and two on her sleeves. Her sleeves are now white. The belt on her shorts hold a cell phone case.


From her experience over time, IF is a knowledgeable girl, but she can sometimes be overconfident over what she knows. She is headstrong and always plans and finishes things her way. Because of this, she does not like doing things that does not benefit her or any of her group's main objectives. Nevertheless, she's dragged along things that she does not want to do. Despite being almost always serious, IF can be sarcastic over some things.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Neptune arrives in the Chaos Factory and is surprised that the IF and Compa are also in the beta. Compa thinks it is a nice surprise to see Nep Nep and the other CPUs. IF greets Neptune and believes they all started at the same time and notes it is expected that the party has progressed so far given that Vert is in their party.

The two of them just focused on managing shops in this city. Compa reports that IF gathers materials and she mixes them. Neptune thinks that is nice and realizes that they won't join her party. IF confirms this as there are too many side quests and they are only playing this on their free time from work. Compa welcomes Neptune to come over if she ever needs medicine. Neptune accepts and thanks them for the offer and leaves.

Vert arrives and decides to check out their shop. IF is happy to have her. Vert knows this is off subject but she asks the two if they have seen a GM. The two of them have not. IF wonders for what reason Vert wants to see one. Vert has no reason, she was just curious in what they look like. She tells them to ignore what she just said. Compa says that just makes them more curious. She promises that if they see them, they will tell Vert. Vert thanks them.

Later, IF is waiting by the pond for Compa and Neptune and upset that are they late. She remembers that Neptune was strongly urging her to go to the pond for a walk together. There will be consequences if she was late. Yet Neptune is the one who is late. IF remembers that in the pond is a spirit that can grant a wish. However, no one knows how to summon it. She decides to play on her phone, but ends up trying to summon the spirit.

Afterwards, Neptune and Compa see IF doing something. They get concerned and ask what is wrong. IF tries to explain that when the character goes idle, they do this weird dance. She then scolds the two for being late. Neptune smirks and apologizes. Since IF is her close friend, she feels okay with being 30 minutes late. Compa laughs. IF sighs. The three of them then go for a walk.

Tamsoft pays a visit to the Chaos Factory and asks IF and Compa for some lively ores. IF does not know what lively ores are but she does have Blacksmith materials available for sale. She asks Tamsoft to take a look. Compa welcomes Tam-Tam. Tamsoft tells Compa she does not need a nickname. Compa decides to call her Soft-Sotht, Soft-Sot, Sofpht but can't get the word right. IF tells Compa she can't use that as an alternative. Tamsoft does not want to trouble Compa and allows her to call her whatever she wants.

IF asks Tamsoft what specifically she is looking for. Tamsoft wants cheap materials for practice. She is paying out of pocket so she accepts any quality. IF tells Tamsoft to give her a minute and she looks for some materials.

IF overhears Tamsoft talking about training her smithing skills and breaking failed works into materials for reuse. IF returns and suggests that she sell her failed works. That is more profitable than recycling the items.

Tamsoft can't sell people failed work. A failure is a failure. IF finds that Tamsoft has quite the professional attitude. She asks that if Tamsoft has made any cool items while practicing that she come back here. IF will buy it off her. IF hands Tamsoft some ores with a little extra as usual.

Tamsoft thanks IF and promises to come back soon.

Near a pond, in Wishuel, IF notices the gorgeous view of the area. She was unable to take note of this last time as Neptune, Compa and her engaged in a serious game of tag. Compa says it warms her heart to have days off where she does not have to work. It is so soothing. IF agrees, they started this shop in order to take a break from real life but they are still so busy. Compa says that IF is too involved in the game, she is no where as involved as her. IF admits that Compa is right, she does not have to collect everything 100% but...

Compa remembers that the customers were talking about a spirit in the pond that can grant a wish. She asks IF if she has heard of it. IF tries to feign ignorance of this and says it is her first time hearing about it. Since they are here, Compa decides to wish that she would remain friends with IF forever. IF tells Compa that is embarrassing though it is nice to hear and gives up. IF wishes that her friendship with Compa would endure forever. Compa wishes for IF to be safe from harm. IF wishes that she could always be with Compa forever. Compa wishes for IF to find joy in every day. IF wishes for Compa to always be able to find her smile.

After a series of back and forth wishing, Compa wishes... for IF... to do her best at work. IF wishes... and pants. IF asks if Compa is out of wishes and thinks they should head back to the shop. Compa agrees and notes that the spirit would likely only grant one of their wishes anyways. IF is sure that the first wish will come true even if the spirit doesn't grant it.

Later, IF and Compa tells Uzume about the pond spirit. IF admits that setting up the conditions to summon it is very difficult. IF explains that they have been there a lot but they have never actually seen the spirit show up.

IF and Compa are taking a break at the pond. IF notes that they have been coming here a lot for their breaks and it has been very relaxing. Compa adds that there aren't many people here either. The two are silent for some time. Compa breaks the silence by having something important to tell IF. IF wonders what it is. Compa says it is about her. IF gulps. Compa loves IF. IF is pleasantly shocked. Compa adds that she loves Nep-Nep and Ge-Ge and everyone else, so she has been praying to the pond spirit here and the Goddesses at the Cathedral. IF should have known that was the case. Compa does hope that the two of them will be friends forever. IF feels the same. Compa asks IF to take good care of her.

In Wishuel, Compa asks Neptune and IF to help her make medicine. IF and Neptune are eager to help. Compa asks Neptune to stand on her and left and IF to stand on her right. They will now hold hands to make a triangle. Neptune asks as well if they are trying to activate the Formation Skill Leafy Nep Major Damage. IF wonders why they would that. IF is curious as to why they are in this formation. Compa explains there is no real reason, she feels that holding their hands will help her with her success chance in making the medicine.

If that is the case, IF wants Neptune to let go of her hand. Compa wants IF to continue holding Neptune's hand until the medicine is finished. IF was worried that Compa would say that. She asks Compa to hurry up. Neptune thinks it's cute that IF is embarrassed. IF tells her it is embarrassing because they look like kooks performing some ritual to summon UFO in the middle of day. Compa notices that the synthesis has failed.

IF thinks Compa's level may not be high enough yet. Compa knows the medicine is difficult to make so she tried to use the power to friendship to help her. She supposes that may have been a stretch. Neptune tries to blame this on IF's lack of enthusiasm but IF retorts that Neptune knows that this is not the case. Compa tells them she is going to try this again after she levels up some more. She asks them to help her out again. Neptune is glad to. IF asks if they have to do that again? Compa tells her they will. IF sighs and notes if Compa were not the one asking, she would never even consider helping out.

Neptune visits the Chaos Factory. IF and Compa greet her. IF asks Neptune about the main story. Neptune tells her that a lot is going on but it honestly is a pain. Neptune explains her adventures so far. IF learns that Neptune is currently unable to progress to the next boss as the game is currently under maintenance. Neptune and the rest of CPU were able to gather all the ingredients for the Purification Arrow so it is alright in the meantime.

Cyberdimension Icon Purification Arrow

Making Nep the Purification Arrow

Compa wants to mix the ingredients for her friend. While Neptune was completing the main story, she upgraded her Mixing Skill a whole bunch. Neptune is glad to let Compa create the Purification Arrow. She hands Compa the materials and it turns out that the level required for mixing the ingredients is high. Compa needs someone to help her. That will greatly increase the chance of success. Neptune eagerly volunteers to be Compa's helper. Compa agrees to allow her to help. She asks Neptune to mix the ingredients slowly. Shortly after, Neptune acquires the Purification Arrow.

Compa is glad to have successfully mixed the ingredients and praises Neptune for her luck. Neptune is glad and thanks Compa for her help, now they can defeat the boss. IF notes that they haven't gotten too far in the story yet but it is nice to help CPU progress in the story.

Neptune, IF and Compa decide to visit the pond. Neptune notices Arbore She hopes Arbore has no eggplants today. Compa greets them and asks if they are on break as well. Warechu is glad that instead of a spirit, an angel has shown up. Is it possible his wish has come true. IF sighs and asks if they are looking for the spirit as well. She bursts their bubble telling them that the spirit likely does not exist.

Arfoire asks IF how can she be so sure. IF explains that there have been no actual reports of people meeting it from her close friends to random customers at her shop. Neptune supposes that it isn't very nice to complain to people who are just taking a break from their job to pursue a mystery. Arfoire is saddened that she was fooled by false info. She supposes she has to recover all her eggplants.

IF arrives with Compa. She greets Neptune and notices Purple Heart. Compa congratulates Neptune for reviving the Goddesses and encourages her to continue to do her best. Purple Heart asks Neptune who are those two.

Neptune tells the Goddess that they are her friends Iffy and Compa. Purple Heart tells IF and Compa that she has heard a lot about them from Neptune and how they run a shop. IF invites the Goddess to their shop. Compa does the same. Purple Heart thanks them and thinks they will accomplish great things together.

Later Neptune visits the Chaos Factory. IF praises Neptune for having done some real work. Compa tells Neptune that they heard she fought off big bugs and bad people. Compa is glad that she did that because they couldn't gather materials or progress their quests. As expected, Neptune got the job done. Neptune is flattered and since it is her they are talking about, what else would they expect.

Cyberdimension Icon Source of Life

A gift, Source of Life for Nep for all her hard work

IF tells Neptune not to get carried away but anyway, she thinks CPU did great. The nations are paying more attention to cheaters so they got Neptune this. Neptune acquires a Source of Life. Neptune asks if it is okay for her to get this. Compa tells Neptune it is a gift from everyone who owns a shop in the city. IF tells Neptune it is not like her to be hesitant. She should take it. Neptune thanks IF and Compa and promises to lots. IF tells Neptune to please do and they will be waiting.

IF has just finished reporting to the higher ups. Compa arrives and is surprised to see IF still working even she is off right now. IF explains that she can slack off as Neptune officially announced her support against the cracking problem. Since the nation is involved, there is lots she has to do. In addition, this isn't just a problem with 4 Goddesses Online. All other games and networks services are preparing countermeasures across the nations just in case. This time it worked out because of the Weiss engineer but that doesn't mean cracking as a problem is fixed.

Compa thinks that is a lot of work. She tells her she will bring refreshments later for everyone in the Basilicom. IF thanks Compa and thinks everyone at the Basilicom will be happy for this. Well since she is off duty right, IF decides to gather some materials and items for Neptune and the others. Compa tells IF to leave the mixing to her. She hopes she will get lots of materials.

Neptune and the rest of CPU defeated Demon King Jester. They return triumphant to Wishuel so IF, Compa and other shopkeepers decide to see them return. Tamsoft is amazed they finally did it. She hopes that her work was able to help them out in some way. Nothing would make her happier. Nepgear assures her that the weapons she strengthened helped them take out strong monsters and thanks Tamsoft for everything.

Plutia congratulates everyone. As a commemoration for beating the boss person, she will host a special sale for the next 10 minutes. Neptune is surprised she is going to do it right now and only for 10 minutes. She really does move to the beat of her drum. Peashy is confused, they are congratulating Neptuna. Is it her birthday? Plutia explains that Neppy and the others won against a big meanie. Peashy is impressed with Neptuna's achievement. Neptune laughs and thanks Peashy.

IF thinks about commemorative sale. She asks Compa if they should do one at their shop. Compa remembers that their items are priced at the lowest possible price. They would end up in the red if they have a sale. However, this is a special occasion so Compa decides to do it. IF declares in competition to Plutia, they will have a 30 minute sale. Nepgear notes that everyone has gotten to the shop business.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. CPU, Bouquet, GM and the Goddesses say a few words. Purple Heart passes back to Neptune.

Neptune thanks Purple Heart and now that their party members have... Neptune takes a look around and sees all her other friends and wonders where they came from. IF notes that they get to do something like this. It should be alright if they say a word or two. IF tells the player she's sure it was a lot of trouble but good work. IF tells the player to give her a call whenever they are in the city. She'd love to hear more about their adventures.

The other shop keepers, Uzume and enemies all say a few words. After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.






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