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Let's just say I'm the Wind Walker of Gamindustri!
— IF

IF is a savvy girl traveling around Gamindustri. She's the most mature among Neptune and Compa.



IF is a fair-skinned girl with a short physique. Her hair has a pale brown hue and has a length that reaches down near her waist. She has sharp, green eyes. On her head is an accessory called a "Leafy Bow", which consists of two green leaves on the left side of her head. She wears a loose, large, blue coat with silver buttons and trimming that is worn open and looks like it's many sizes too large for her to wear. Being too loose for her, the sleeves reaches through her hands. From the shoulder to the elbow level of the sleeves is an orange lightning bolt with white trimming. On each side of the bottom of the sleeves are buttoned-on black cuffs with silver trimming. Her coat also has two pockets on each side of the waist.

The lower end of her coat has a brown fur lining. A loose belt strap that holds nine cell phone holders are attached to the waistline of her coat. In order from the left side of the coat to the right are the colors of the cell phone holders: blue, light blue, green, black, magenta, white, lime green, orange, and light pink. Beneath the open coat, she wears a tank top and a pair of shorts that are black with silver trimming. She wears a black belt with silver trimming and is adorned with a black and silver, diamond-shaped buckle with her name engraved on it, stylized as "IF". She wears medium-length black socks and blue boots with silver trimming that matches her coat.


From her experience over time, IF is a knowledgeable girl, but she can sometimes be overconfident over what she knows. She is headstrong and always plans and finishes things her way. Because of this, she does not like doing things that do not benefit her or any of her group's main objectives. Nevertheless, she's dragged along things that she does not want to do. Despite being almost always serious, IF can be sarcastic over some things.

Meeting Compa and Neptune for the first time, IF starts off as someone who thinks that she's one level ahead of everyone else, even stating that Neptune is beneath her. She's easily annoyed over the simplest things, including how Neptune acts too friendly with her.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

The First Dungeon!

While trying to eliminate the monsters inside the same dungeon, IF runs into Neptune and falls on the ground. She introduces herself to the rest and gets up afterwards. After Neptune offers her to work together with her and Compa to conquer the dungeon, she agrees but says that Neptune and Compa are joining the party. Neptune misinterprets and sees it as her joining Neptune's party, but she sees the idea indifferently and joins anyways. Feeling that Neptune and Compa will screw up on retrieving the Key Fragments, IF decides to tag along.


IF explains that she could help them with her land traveling experiences. She later tells them about the Basilicom and how they can get a permit from it to travel to other landmasses. After arriving outside Planeptune's Basilicom, IF asks Neptune to gain permission to Terraport. She sticks around with Compa while Neptune does her business in the Basilicom. On the way, IF complains that they should find the second Key Fragment, but Neptune and Compa insist that they stay and help with Planeptune's monster situation.

The group is eventually forced to battle Arfoire. IF gets annoyed after Arfoire retreats from battle. IF figures out that Neptune is amnesiac and that Compa found her from the ground, surprising IF. She feels like Compa is being too formal with her and that Neptune is being too friendly with her.

Find The Key Fragments!


When they arrive in Lastation, IF informs Neptune about the land, which is ruled by Black Heart. She also explains that CPUs give protection, but the people develop the civilization itself. Arriving in Lastation's Basilicom for information regarding the monsters, IF insults the Basilicom for being arrogant and compares it to Black Heart's kind of leadership after Moderator dismisses them discourteously. Nevertheless, they leave, seeing it's no use. The group plans to find information about monsters from another source. Finding their informant, IF introduces the others to Chian, someone who's asking them to eliminate some monsters. After finishing the job, IF explains to the group that the monsters attacks cause the people's faith to diminish slowly, decreasing protection. IF also admits that she can't stand both Neptune's human and HDD form.

When Neptune plans to take down Avenir for seeing it as an evil company causing some industries to shut down, IF tells her that they should deter the situation to Basilicom instead. When they're invited to Chian's home, IF reveals that she's been in Lastation. The group eventually has to work for Avenir. As they wait for their client, IF lightly scolds Neptune for complaining about working for Avenir. She also points out that Singe is probably underestimating the girls due to Compa and Neptune, but Compa retorts back at her by pointing out her physique. The group finishes the job. After Compa's been harshly lectured by Singe about humanity and robots, IF comforts Compa but becomes mad from thinking that Singe is mocking humanity.

After hearing the Tech Expo's cancellation and accepting a job from Chian, IF wonders about where they could find the second Key Fragment and just wants to find it. In spite of that, she's dragged along to rescue the "NPC silhouette." At the end of the cave, she encounters a monster already dead. Observing the cause, she sees a clean cut and a huge welt, identifying the used weapon as something that doesn't originate from Lastation. As she tries to find more detail about it, she comes across Black Heart. The latter asks IF about Neptune. When the latter arrives, IF explains how the girl with white hair looks like Neptune when transformed. After Black Heart is routed, IF asks Neptune if she did something to the girl due to her hostility towards Neptune. IF ponders about her decision of siding with Neptune.

When Compa wonders about what heretics are, IF explains how they're people kicked by the Basilicom for worshiping another goddess. She also explains how they hold good information about the Basilicom because most of the heretics are former members. When Neptune doubts that the heretics will talk, IF suggests to threat them with Neptune's gun for information. After they find a heretic inside a dungeon, IF assumes that the heretic "must be tripping." When asked by Neptune, IF explains how the Sanctuary serves the CPU and evangelizes, while the Parliament serves the CPU and governs. After leaving the dungeon, IF explains how the man is only spouting nonsense about Overlord Momus. She also mentions how Histoire might only be luring them to their deaths. After Histoire's voice reaches Neptune's ears and explains about Arfoire, IF assumes that the latter and Overlord Momus are connected to creating the monsters.

When the trio arrives in Chevre's place to retrieve Chian's materials, IF describes Compa and Neptune as "girls with decent stats" that can carry anything. After IF hears about Avenir's connection with the Parliament, IF decides to put some effort on the Avenir business. After they're assigned to rescue an Avenir employee, IF reveals that Chian told her that Avenir doesn't make weapons for human use. After rescuing Ganache, an Avenir employee, and hearing from him that the Tech Expo will still go, IF is surprised and says that it'll be great news for Chian.

After coming across and defeating Black Heart again, Compa assumes that Lastation might be a huge transforming robot, but IF says that might only be possible on Planeptune.



Release of Histoire!

The Path to Celestia

The Final Battle?!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

IF's role is similar to the original game, in which she accidentally runs into Neptune and Compa while conducting work for the Guild in the Monster Cave. She ultimately decides to accompany them on their journey to find the key fragments and free Histoire. Much of her knowledge and contacts aids them in their adventure.

During the trip to Leanbox, IF develops a close friendship with Vert after accidentally stumbling into her room at the Basilicom. Vert's affection towards IF results in her intervention when Yvoire poisons Neptune and is her primary motivation for staying in the party after they help her regain her stolen powers from Arfoire.


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