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Huh? Hero? What are you even talking about?
— IF

IF is a supporting character in Super Neptunia RPG. She is a girl with a good head on her shoulders, who lives with Compa. However, she's suspected of being inflicted with the chuuni disease. She is investigating the underwater city, and the notes she's written of her movements may or may not be easily read by a certain group of people.



IF is a fair-skinned girl with a short physique. Her hair has a pale brown hue and has a length that reaches down near her waist. She has sharp, green eyes. On her head is an accessory called a "Leafy Bow", which consists of two green leaves on the left side of her head. She wears a loose, large, blue coat with silver buttons and trimming that is worn open and looks like it's many sizes too large for her to wear. Being too loose for her, the sleeves reaches through her hands. From the shoulder to the elbow level of the sleeves is an orange lightning bolt with white trimming. On each side of the bottom of the sleeves are buttoned-on black cuffs with silver trimming.

Her coat also has two pockets on each side of the waist. The lower end of her coat has a brown fur lining. A loose belt strap that holds nine cell phone holders are attached in the waist line of her coat. In order from the left side of the coat to the right are the colors of the cell phone holders: blue, light blue, green, black, magenta, white, lime green, orange, and light pink. Beneath the open coat, she wears a tank top and a pair of shorts that are black with silver trimming. She wears a black belt with silver trimming and is adorned with a black and silver, diamond-shaped buckle with her name engraved on it, stylized as "IF". She wears medium-length black socks and blue boots with silver trimming that matches her coat.


IF has taken the role of a protector for the sparsely populated land of Planeptune. She is capable of figuring who is good and who is not and will happily lend them a hand in a way that makes her seem mysterious and dependable. In other words, IF retains the chunni aspects of her personality in addition to her reliability as an ally for Neptune and her party seen in other portrayals of IF throughout the series. IF has a close relationship with Compa. IF is eager to be of help to Neptune but she is aware of her limits.


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Head to Leanbox from Lowee Harbor (2)
IF first appears to a Chrome fleeing from Filyn. Chrome catches her breath and notes that this should okay. Planeptune is definitely far enough. It should take Filyn a while to catch up to her. Filyn is only a little bit behind and calls out to Chrome. Chrome notes that Filyn is too persistent. She wonders if there is a place that she can hide.

IF then decides to show herself to Chrome and tells Chrome to follow her. The two escape from Filyn.

Explore Sakura Road
IF walks up to a party that has reached a dead end in Sakura Road. She tells them the area ahead is submerged. She asks if they want to go to the underwater city.

The leader in purple did not know there was an underwater city. She asks the girl what happened and why it is underwater. IF explains that a long time ago, a Goddess ruled this nation... The citizens lost faith in her and so she sunk the city in her wrath. IF notes that is the story according to old folktales, but she doesn't know if this true herself.

The quiet girl in white thinks about what IF says. The leader wonders if it is the Goddess that someone mentioned earlier. She asks IF if it isn't supposed to be a Hero that ruled the nation. IF is confused by the leader's question and what she means by Hero. The leader finds her response really cold. A gentle girl in green tries to return to the topic of a sunken city.

IF tells them that the land may be underwater but the buildings are still intact. She adds that this city was once the capital of the nation. The leader believes this must be an important plot point later. IF adds that if they do want to visit the underwater city, that there is an item for that. IF explains that an alchemist that used to live nearby left it behind. It lets them breathe underwater. A serious girl in black thinks that is interesting and asks IF where the item can find it.

IF gets out a note. The leader excitedly declares that this is a hint and thinks that was easy. IF does not know if easy is the right word but it does have the item's location. The leader wants to see the hint. She reads note and wants to say something but doesn't. The quiet girl calls out to the leader. The serious girl wants to see the hint as well. The leader gives the serious girl the note and she is in awe of the note. The gentle girl asks what is the matter. She reads the note and makes a pitying face in response to the note. The quiet girl wants the note as well. The gentle girl gives it to her. The party make a strange reaction to IF's note.

The quiet girl returns back to the situation and asks IF if she has got to the underwater with the item. IF reports that she has but she didn't find anything there. The leader asks if she is sure there is nothing at all. IF says she found garbage but there was a rusted door that would not open. IF concludes that it was a boring trip and she would not recommend it. The leader thinks about this door. Seeing as how the party seems to know what to do, she decides to leave them.

Search for houses in Sakura Road
IF hears a lot of noise outside Compa's House. She decides to see what the commotion is all about and tells the group she doesn't want any... IF then sees the girls she saw before, surprising her. The leader remembers IF giving them the memo from before. She guesses that this is IF's house and is happy about the perfect timing.

The gentle girl in green explains that they have returned from the underwater city. IF is happy that her memo could help the party as that means they could understand what it meant. The quiet girl in white says that she perfectly understood what IF was trying to say. IF notes that she is told that a lot. Pridefully IF adds that even in school, her notes were known for its readability. The leader, serious girl in black and gentle girl in green react weirdly to IF's comment. IF asks how their travels went. She was there a bunch of times but found nothing interesting.

The fact always bothered her as IF feels there's something down there so she keeps going. The quiet girl asks if that was why she was nearby the sea when they found her. IF confirms this and explains that this is why we live near the sea to investigate the underwater city. The serious girl wonder who is the we? Compa then calls out to Iffy and asks her what is taking so long. Chrome warns Compa that it might be Bombyx Mori.

Compa and Chrome leave the house. The leader recognizes Chrome. Chrome is surprised to see the party again. IF asks Chrome if she knows the party. Chrome asks the party why they are here. Chrome guesses what they have been up to. THe leader gets excited from the mysterious words coming from the mysterious lady. Chrome asks Neptune to stop calling her that.

Compa suggests to IF that since the party is friends with Chrome, that they should let them in. IF agrees, and she wants to hear more about their adventures in the underwater city. Neptune is happy to be let in.

Inside Compa's House, Neptune says it is tradition for a Hero to introduce herself. Neptune introduces herself. Compa and IF wonder what Neptune means by Hero. The serious girl tells them not to worry about it and introduces herself politely as Noire. The quiet girl introduces herself as Blanc. The gentle girl also politely introduces herself as Vert. IF then introduces herself and notes that they have been living here for... Compa introduces herself as IF's roommate. Compa notes that now there is three of them living here now. Chrome chuckles and clarifies that she is not planning on staying long but Chrome introduces herself anyways. She notes that the party already knows her.

Blanc points out that while they know Chrome's name, that is all they know. They know nothing else about her. Noire agrees, and questions why Chrome is here of all places. They are very far from Lowee after all. Chrome explains how she ended up Compa's House after being led there by IF while escaping from Filyn.

Chrome enters Compa's House with IF. IF assures Chrome she can hide here as long as she needs. Chrome asks IF why she saved her. IF admits that she does not know and just felt like she had to. Compa is beaming about having a guest over as they have not had one in a long time. IF and Compa introduce themselves to Chrome. Chrome then introduces herself and thanks the two. Chrome says she will not be staying long.

Chrome finishes explaining her story and admits she was only planning a short stay but... Vert and Neptune understands what Chrome is trying to get at. Neptune adds that she has something to say to Chrome. Chrome can only guess what that is. Neptune declares that she is hungry and wants her to buy her something to eat. Chrome scolds Neptune to spend her money wisely.

Compa laughs and suggests they all have tea. They can all rest and talk a bit. Compa asks if that is okay with IF. IF notes that Compa is happy to have company. Compa is glad IF noticed. IF agrees to allowing their guest to rest and eat. However, IF notes that they only have tea and sweets. Compa wonders if she should make some pudding as she has the ingredients. Neptune wants Compa to do it. She tells her to put all the ingredients in an alchemy pot so that it'll be done quickly.

Compa does not think that is actually a thing. IF tells the party that everyone has to help. Those who do not help, do not eat. Neptune says that hearing that makes her heart melt. Vert thinks it is like salt on a slug. Blanc corrects Vert as slugs don't melt, they shrink. Vert is surprised that is the case, but wonders who cares. Noire agrees that they will help and tells Neptune to get up. Neptune says she will do anything for pudding and gets up eager to help out.