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IF is a member of Planeptune's Guild. She serves as one of the protagonists in Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation and is childhood friends with Compa along with being close friends with the Planeptune CPUs.



IF is a fair-skinned girl with a short physique. Her hair has a pale brown hue and has a length that reaches down near her waist. She has sharp, green eyes. On her head is an accessory called a "Leafy Bow", which consists of two green leaves on the left side of her head. She wears a loose, large, blue coat with silver buttons and trimming that is worn open and looks like it's many sizes too large for her to wear. Being too loose for her, the sleeves reaches through her hands. From the shoulder to the elbow level of the sleeves is an orange lightning bolt with white trimming. On each side of the bottom of the sleeves are buttoned-on black cuffs with silver trimming.

Her coat also has two pockets on each side of the waist. The lower end of her coat has a brown fur lining. A loose belt strap that holds nine cell phone holders are attached in the waist line of her coat. In order from the left side of the coat to the right are the colors of the cell phone holders: blue, light blue, green, black, magenta, white, lime green, orange, and light pink. Beneath the open coat, she wears a tank top and a pair of shorts that are black with silver trimming. She wears a black belt with silver trimming and is adorned with a black and silver, diamond-shaped buckle with her name engraved on it, stylized as "IF". She wears medium-length black socks and blue boots with silver trimming that matches her coat.


From her experience over time, IF is a knowledgeable girl, but she can sometimes be overconfident over what she knows. She is headstrong and always plans and finishes things her way. Because of this, she does not like doing things that does not benefit her or any of her group's main objectives. Nevertheless, she's dragged along things that she does not want to do. Despite being almost always serious, IF can be sarcastic over some things.


Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

The Goddess (Neptune) of Planeptune

IF witnesses the CPUs' signing of the friendship treaty and is also invited for the after party. Months after the signing, she and Compa comes across Rei Ryghts, who hands them a flier that contains protests against the CPUs' rule. They come to Neptune's place to show the flier to the Planeptune's CPU and Histoire.

A Weekend (Girls' Night) in Leanbox

She comes along with the Compa, CPUs (with the exception of Vert), and CPU Candidates to a 5pb. concert. She's also assigned with Nepgear and Compa to shop for ingredients for the party that Vert is suppose to hold for them.

After shopping for ingredients, she spots Warechu, who is running away. At night, she informs the CPU Candidates and Compa about Warechu. She decides to check things out on Zune district, where the CPUs went. After Nepgear begs to come, IF also decides to take her along. They spot the CPUs confined in a prism formed by Anti-Crystals.

The Resolve (Turn) of the Younger Sisters

IF and Nepgear are forced to retreat back to Vert's place due to the immense amount of monsters currently present in the waste disposal plant. After returning safely, IF asks Histoire to do some research on Anti-Crystal. She sees the CPU Candidates training and plans to also train with them until Abnes arrives. The CPU Candidates use Abnes as their opponent instead, leaving IF to relax and watch them.

The girls plan to train some more until IF receives news about the CPUs' drastic situation. She stops them and plans to liberate the CPUs as soon as possible. Compa, IF, and the CPU Candidates fight their way in the waste disposal plant and rescue the CPUs.

The Resonance (Limit Break) of the Goddesses

IF, Compa, and the CPU Candidates manage to fight their way near the CPUs. While the CPU Candidates fight off Arfoire, Compa distracts Warechu for IF to get near the entrapped CPUs and show them a message from Histoire. Seeing the CPUs getting drained by the Anti-Energy, she fires rounds to try to break the Anti-Crystal prism but to no avail.

Eventually, the CPU Candidates fight and defeat Arfoire, destroying the prism and liberating the CPUs in the process. After the recent events, the group comes back to their respective locations. IF tells Neptune, Nepgear, Compa, and Histoire how the other CPUs manage to gain the shares they lost.

While on a picnic with Neptune, Nepgear, and Compa, she tells the carefree Neptune to be more worried about Planeptune's shares, especially because of the recent events. Out of nowhere, Peashy finds the group and points out Compa and IF by their names, leaving them surprised due to the fact that they don't know the girl.

The Secret (Your-Eyes-Only) of Lastation

IF discusses Peashy' welfare with Compa and Histoire. She also sees Vert and Nepgear bonding, making her weird out.

The Fruits (Deep Purple) of Revenge

During a dinner in Planeptune, IF asks Plutia if she can transform. Plutia answers that she can but is frequently told not to. IF also tells Neptune to be less picky of her food when Neptune becomes repulsed by the eggplant that Peashy offered her.

After Histoire briefs the group about what the other Histoire told her, IF assures her that she will watch over for anything that might indicate the energy source. IF also offers Compa a ride to work. On their way, they come across a gas that makes Compa pass out. IF also passes out after seeing a glimpse of Arfoire and Warechu.

She wakes up, tied in a pole, in a pasture. After seeing the culprit, Arfoire, IF assures her that the CPUs will defeat her again. Arfoire shows her the eggplant farm and says that it will make the CPUs weak. Then IF is forced to swallow eggplants that Arfoire shoves down her throat. She is eventually freed and rescued after Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia defeats Arfoire. In the end, she develops a distaste from eggplant.

The Paradise (Island) Forbidden

When Peashy seems to be looking for something, IF, Compa, Uni, Rom, and Ram offer to help, but Peashy denies about finding something and runs away. IF assumes that she's probably looking for Neptune to apologize and make up with her.

Later on, IF, Compa, Uni, Rom, Ram, and Peashy hold their own swimming party in the balcony in Neptune's place. They also said their goodbyes to Peashy when she is taken by Rei Ryghts, who claims to be Peashy's mother.

The Challenge (Rebellion) of Eden

IF and Compa are having a webcam chat with Uni and eventually, Rom and Ram. IF tells them that Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia are patrolling, which she and Uni finds surprising. Uni tells IF and Compa that they found Peashy's last location.

All of them meet up and go to the last place Peashy was seen, which is an apartment. As they search for Peashy, they come across a room full of posters containing protests againsts CPUs. IF is surprised to see that it's the same thing that she and Compa received long before from Rei. Later, she finds out from Histoire that a new nation has been formed in R-18 Island.

The Battlefront (Conflict) of Oblivion

IF is seen assisting a battalion of Planeptune soldiers that are defending the nation against advancing Eden forces.

The Emissary (Aggressor) of Old

IF hears Neptune's plans of throwing a celebration for Planeptune's high Share count. Later, IF and she investigate the disturbance in Planeptune that Rei Ryghts causes. They couldn't pinpoint Rei's identity, but they can tell that she's a CPU. Both were forced out of Planeptune's Basilicom later, which is on the verge of collapse. Trying to contact others, they figure out that Planeptune's communications were cut from outside help.

The Ties (Bifrosts) of Tomorrow

IF, Compa, Histoire, and Nepgear are on ground level to help the citizens of Planeptune that are affected by the devastation caused by Rei Ryghts. Months later, she is one of the attendees the ceremony held in Planeptune's Basilicom.


  • Kate Higgins was unable to reprise her role of for the English dub, so FUNimation had to replace her with Megan Shipman.
  • IF is a fusion of her Hyperdimension character with aspects of her Ultradimension game counterpart, notably her developed aversion to eggplants.


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