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Investments is a new mechanic introduced in Megadimension Neptunia VII. There are 6 places, Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, Leanbox, Uzume's Hideout and Ruins of the Heart, to invest to. This is divided into 3 categories, Commerce, Industrial and Public Relations. By filling the 10-bar gauge of each of the categories with credits, the level raises and the player is given something in return. When looking at the Cost tab, this gives the full price required to increase the level. One can increase the gauge by one by investing 1/10th of the price in the Cost tab.

Investment is available from the start of Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri. In whatever route was picked, the corresponding city becomes available for investing. Once the 4 routes are done, all 4 cities are all available until one clears Division Passageway. From then on, investment is not possible. All cities are available for investing once one finishes the Hyper Dimension or Heart Dimension route in Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend.

When starting a new game+, all investments are reset. The items available in the shop and for development are no longer available. One does get to keep the items obtained in Public Relations however.


When investing into commerce, an item in the shop is unlocked at each level. This item is only available in the shop of the city that was invested into.

City Level Cost Returns
Planeptune 2 5000 Unlocks Monochrome Jersey (Neptune's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
3 10000 Unlocks Rosy Sailor (Nepgear's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
4 15000 Unlocks Blue Dress (Neptune's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
5 20000 Unlocks Virtual Jersey (Neptune's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
6 30000 Unlocks Pink Dress (Neptune's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
7 50000 Unlocks Dream Carrot (Neptune's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
Lastation 2 5000 Unlocks Princess Dress (Noire's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
3 10000 Unlocks Pearl Green (Uni's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
4 15000 Unlocks Metal Dress (Noire's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
5 20000 Unlocks Hunter's Dress (Noire's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
6 30000 Unlocks Iron Ore at the price of 200 credits in the shop
7 50000 Unlocks Copper Ore at the price of 300 credits in the shop
Lowee 2 5000 Unlocks Princess Coat (Blanc's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
3 10000 Unlocks Violet Coat (Rom's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
4 15000 Unlocks Violet Coat (Ram's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
5 20000 Unlocks Vintage (Blanc's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
6 30000 Unlocks Lime Coat (Rom's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
7 50000 Unlocks Lime Coat (Ram's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
Leanbox 2 5000 Unlocks Military Dress (Vert's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
3 10000 Unlocks Blood Dress (Vert's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
4 15000 Unlocks Elite Dress (Vert's Outfit) at the price of 5000 credits in the shop
5 20000 Unlocks Herb at the price of 200 credits in the shop
6 30000 Unlocks Healing Herb at the price of 300 credits in the shop
7 50000 Nothing
Uzume's Hideout 2 1000 Unlocks Deep Fried Shrimp at the price of 1500 credits in the shop
3 3000000 Unlocks Evonium at the price of 49800 credits in the shop
Ruins of the Heart 2 1000 Unlocks Naruto Fishcake at the price of 1500 credits in the shop


When investing into "Industrial", plans are unlocked at each level. The plans can only be developed in the city that was invested into. For more information on the plan itself, please refer to this page. It should also be noted that Zero Dimension Dev 7-9 do not allow you to develop any items so the last 3 levels in Uzume's Hideout are unnecessary unless you want the achievement for maxing out investment for all cities.

City Level Cost Returns
Planeptune 2 5000 Planeptune Dev 1
3 10000 Planeptune Dev 2
4 15000 Planeptune Dev 3
5 20000 Planeptune Dev 4
6 30000 Planeptune Dev 5
7 50000 Planeptune Dev 6
8 100000 Planeptune Dev 7
9 150000 Planeptune Dev 8
10 200000 Planeptune Dev 9
Lastation 2 5000 Lastation Dev 1
3 10000 Lastation Dev 2
4 15000 Lastation Dev 3
5 20000 Lastation Dev 4
6 30000 Lastation Dev 5
7 50000 Lastation Dev 6
8 100000 Lastation Dev 7
9 150000 Lastation Dev 8
10 200000 Lastation Dev 9
Lowee 2 5000 Lowee Dev 1
3 10000 Lowee Dev 2
4 15000 Lowee Dev 3
5 20000 Lowee Dev 4
6 30000 Lowee Dev 5
7 50000 Lowee Dev 6
8 100000 Lowee Dev 7
9 150000 Lowee Dev 8
10 200000 Lowee Dev 9
Leanbox 2 5000 Leanbox Dev 1
3 10000 Leanbox Dev 2
4 15000 Leanbox Dev 3
5 20000 Leanbox Dev 4
6 30000 Leanbox Dev 5
7 50000 Leanbox Dev 6
8 100000 Leanbox Dev 7
9 150000 Leanbox Dev 8
10 200000 Leanbox Dev 9
Uzume's Hideout 2 5000 Zero Dimension Dev 1
3 10000 Zero Dimension Dev 2
4 15000 Zero Dimension Dev 3
5 20000 Zero Dimension Dev 4
6 30000 Zero Dimension Dev 5
7 50000 Zero Dimension Dev 6
8 100000 Zero Dimension Dev 7
9 150000 Zero Dimension Dev 8
10 200000 Zero Dimension Dev 9
Ruins of the Heart 2 5000 Heart Dimension 1
3 10000 Heart Dimension 2
4 15000 Heart Dimension 3
5 20000 Heart Dimension 4
6 30000 Heart Dimension 5
7 50000 Heart Dimension 6
8 100000 Heart Dimension 7
9 150000 Heart Dimension 8
10 200000 Heart Dimension 9

Public Relations

By increasing public relations, one is always guaranteed an event for every level. For more information about the Nepstation segment, please refer to this page.

City Level Cost Returns
Planeptune 2 3000 Captain Wazuoka asks Neptune if there is something she is devoted to. Neptune recognizes the voice as every Planetune citizen should. The voice belongs to Captain Wazuoka the third. The captain apologizes for startling her. He heard that Neptune is working to make the nation a better place. He offers his assistance to Neptune's endeavors. Captain Wazuoka joins as a scout
15% shares for Planeptune
3 5000 A Planeptune man meets Neptune and wonders if he is talking to Neptune. Neptune assures the man he is. The man wishes for Neptune to accept a gift from the citizens as thanks for her actions. Neptune likes the gift and thanks the man. He asks that she contine to take care of the city and nation. Purple Processor Unit
15% shares for Planeptune
4 10000 Histoire reports that a parcel has arrived addressed to Neptune. Neptune wonders who it came from. Histoire says that it is from someone is aware of her efforts. Neptune wants to open it right away. Neptune is glad to have gotten some cool equipment. Histoire is happy for her. Media Card
15% shares for Planeptune
5 15000 Neptune greets the audience and announces it is time for Walletcrusher Nep. This program is where Compa and Neptune introduce products in a fun and profitable way. Compa says they will make the audience go bankrupt with their fun and happy product lineup. Neptune introduces the first item, an Expectation Box. Compa wonders what is inside and hopes that Neptune is not going to make her stick her hand inside of it. Neptune says that she is but she does not need to worry as while it may be slimy and squirmy but it won't bite and it is not poisonous. Compa wants to leave but Neptune admits that she is joking and wanted to see her reaction. Compa is glad but still wants to know what is inside. Neptune tells her that no one knows what to expect unless they open it. Compa thinks they cannot sell this item as if it is a bogus item, Customer Support will be flooded. Neptune worries about this so Compa asks her what is inside. Neptune admits she does not know. It may be a rare weapon of an item that makes the audience want their credits back. Only a higher being would know whether their luck is good or bad. She offers the Palpitating Present at a low price of 4980 credits then ends the program.
6 20000 Millionep Quiz Segment: Nepgear introduces the program to everyone. This program gives the audience items just for answering question. Nepgear then begins quizzing the audience. After she is finished, she asks them how they did and hopes to see them in the next Nepstation segment.
7 25000 Takanashi Pro tells Neptune to burn bright. Neptune is surprised by this. Takanashi Pro offers his thanks to Neptune who loves Planeptune and games. He asks that she accepts his gift. Neptune does not get what is going on but accepts his gesture. He finds the pro's sunglasses strange. Takanashi Pro wants to reveal his true face to Neptune as a result. Neptune does not really care though shocking the pro. Lilac-Mk2 Processor Unit
15% shares for Planeptune
8 30000 An old man asks Neptune to accept his gift. Neptune is excited with his gift but she wonders if she can take something so valuable. The old man remarks that Neptune is always working to improve Planeptune. Neptune says that she is not really trying but. The old man cuts her off telling her not to be so modest as everyone knows of her efforts. He asks that she continues to look after the city. Flash Memory
15% shares for Planeptune
9 50000 The Nep FC Chairman calls out for Neptune a lot. Neptune recognizes her as the chairman of Neptune's unofficial fan club. The chairman is excited at the fact that Neptune remembers her and screams her name in joy. Neptune does not know where this is going. The Nep FC Vice-Chairman apologizes for her showing the weird side of the chairman. She explains that the two of them are here to give a normal thanks to her. She gives Neptune a gift from the fan club. Neptune thanks them and accepts the gift. The moment she did, the vice-chairman and Neptune's fingers lightly touched causing the vice-chairman to scream. Neptune is shocked. The vice-chairman notes that their fingers touched worries about her face bursting into flames due to embarrassment. Neptune wonders what is up those two. Lilac-Mk3 Processor Unit
15% shares for Planeptune
10 70000 Histoire asks Neptune to accept her gift. Neptune is surprised that she would ever get a present from Histoire. Histoire tells her that the reason that they have gotten so far is due to her efforts. She wants to give Neptune her gratitude has Planeptune's Oracle and thanks her. Neptune says that she must be exaggerating and that she is only working for Planeptune because she wants to. Histoire does not have to thank her. Neptune wants to keeping with Histoire to make Planeptune a great nation. Histoire agrees to that. Planeptune Processor Unit
15% shares for Planeptune
Lastation 2 3000 A Lastation boy wonders if he is talking to Noire. Noire says that he is and notices that he is a kid from the city. She asks him if he needs something. The boy is happy he is talking to the right person. He gives her a gift for making the city better. Noire thanks him and says she will take of it. Noire is happy that a small kid knows how hard she is working and thinks it must the result of her public relations work. Noire plans to contunue to rise her shares this way. Stone Gray Processor Unit
15% shares for Lastation
3 5000 Lindou addresses Noire formally telling her that it has been a while. Noire is surprised anyone would address this way and wonders if this person remembers her. Lindou reassures Noire that she remembers her as who could forget their CPU. Noire is glad that there are people who still remember her. Lindou is glad that she is safe and bets that she is wrapped up into some sort of mess again. Noire says that she is right. Lindou asks Noire to take this with her. Lindou asks Noire to consider this another mission until she returns home. Lindou wants to return to their true home, Lastation together. NO Disc
15% shares for Lastation
4 10000 A cat asks Noire if scouts are heart wrenching? Noire is confused. The cat repeats his question. Noire thinks this cat is strange and wonders where it came from. The cat continues to repeat his question. Noire answers the cat saying that scouts are heart wrenching. The cat decides to become a scout, get their heart wrenched then become human. Noire does know what the cat is trying to say but welcomes their help. Cat joins as a scout
15% shares for Lastation
5 15000 Walletcrusher Nep Segment: Noire and Uni introduce themselves and the segment Walletcrusher Nep. Noire explains that in this program, one can order slightly rare items by mail. Those items are special and only available here. The of the item is The Expectation Box. She hands it over to Uni to explain the item. Uni explains that inside this box are either a weapon or item. One is not guaranteed to get something good so they should not be mad if they get something strange. Noire offers the Exciting Gift Box at a price of 4980 credits. Uni finds that this is expensive for a random item. Uni hopes Noire is not trying to test people's faith. Noire concludes the program and she says she will see them soon.
6 20000 Millionoire Quiz Segment: Noire announces the restart of the program Quiz Millionoire due to popular demand. Uni tells her that is not the name of the program. Noire tells her not suit the details as this is a program in her nation so she needs to change it to suit her route. Uni only hopes that they will not get in trouble for this. Noire says it is fine as long it is entertaining. Noire begins the quiz. After the quiz, Noire wonders if the audience answered them all correctly then ends the program saying they will see each other again soon.
7 25000 Another boy asks if this is Noire. Noire says that it is but wants to know who is the boy. The boy apologizes and introduces himself as the eldest son of a certain Lasterbrook family in Lastation. Noire recognizes him as the son of a rich person in Lastation. She wonders what business his son can have with her, The boy says that he has heard of her services to Lastation therefore as a resident of Lastation, he wants to give her his thanks. Noire says she does need any thanks and it is not like she is doing this because she wants thanks or anything. The boy protests saying Noire should think of this as from the citizens and therefore something she must accept as an obligation. Noire sighs but since he insists, she decides to accept his gift. The boy gives the gift and leaves. Noire thanks the boy. Fire Dragon Processor Unit
15% shares for Lastation
8 30000 A boy sees Noire and asks her what's up. Noire does not know how to respond and wonders who this boy is. The boy then gives Noire something saying it is a present for always working hard for Lastation. He then leaves. Noire wants him to wait and explain what is going on. As he is already gone, Noire sighs but is happy to keep the present. 2 Layer VDD
15% shares for Lastation
9 50000 A Lastation woman notices Noire. She comments on her being liked by little boys. Noire is surprised by this rumor. A Lastation girl corrects the woman saying that Noire is the one who likes little boys. Noire wonders what the two are sayng as she is not liked by little boys nor does she like them either. The woman counters her with the fact that every present she has received has been from a little boy. Noire can say little to argue against that. The girl tells her that Noire is more than meets the eye. She welcomes Noire to their world and gives her something as proof of their welcome. Noire tells them not to make them a resident of that world. The womans counters saying that all the boys that gave her presents were picking. The girl adds that pretty boys are pretty delicious in that sort of sense. Noire claims that the letters were from unknown senders who were clearly adult men. The woman says Noire is too naive as the letter was written in scribbly easy words. Noire notes that this is true and wonders if this was foreshadowing. However she wonders why the two know about the letters. She also asks that they don't add weird traits to her character. Generation Processor Unit
15% shares for Lastation
10 70000 Noire notes that she is pretty tired after today. She wants to take a bath before eating. Noire notes that she has another package. She wonders who it is from this time. She looks at it. It comes from Kei Jinguji. The letters notes Noire is doing well with Uni. Kei thought about returning but it was needless worry. Once her job settles down, she promises to visit. Until that happens, she leaves the nation to Noire and Uni. Noire is happy and says she will do her best even without Kei. She wants her to not worry and looks forward to her visit. Lastation Processor Unit
15% shares for Lastation
Lowee 2 3000 A girl wonders if she is talking to Blanc. Blanc says that she is and wonders if the girl has business with her. The girl gives Blanc a gift. She says it is thanks for working to help the people in Lowee. Blanc thanks the girl and says that she will take good care of the gift. Mega ROM
Base White Processor Unit
15% shares for Lowee
3 5000 Maryo shows up surprising Blanc. Maryo asks if she is Blanc. He heard rumors that she is working hard for the sake of Lowee. He wants to lend his strength as a scout and asks her to let him work as a scout. Maryo joins as a scout
15% shares for Lowee
4 10000 The Guild Woman notes that Blanc has good timing. Blanc asks if she needs her. The Guild Woman says that she is holding a package for her. She gives it to her. Blanc notices that it is from the hunters. The Guild Woman tells her that the hunters said it is thanks for always helping out. Blanc wonders why. The Guild Woman explains that the hunters are all sordid man so they were too embarrassed to hand it to her and opted for this option to hand it to her. Ice Dragon Processor Unit
15% shares for Lowee
5 15000 Walletcrusher Nep Segment: Ram greets everyone and introduces herself and her sister as host to this segment. She lets Rom explain the product. Rom displays a box on the screen. Ram wonders if there is something in the box. Rom says that the box has a random weapon or item inside it. It might not be a good one so one should be careful. Ram notes that it is like the lottery. Ram wonders what the price is. Rom says the price is 4980 credits. Ram notes that this is too expensive and wonders if Rom accidentally added an extra zero. Rom says she did not then adds that it is an item they can only get here so the two of them can crush wallets. This is what she heard from Blanc and Neptune. Ram wonders if anyone would buy it. Ram admits that it is expensive but urges the audience to buy the Enticing [?] Box. Ram says that she will see everyone later.
6 20000 Quiz Millioblanc Segment: Blanc introduces herself as the host of this segment. She learns that the name of the segment was wrong but says it is fine as she is the main character of this route. She starts the quiz. After the quiz, Blanc wonders if the audience got them all correct. She concludes the segment and wants to meet again in the main story.
7 25000 Ms. Poona admits that this may be sudden but she wants to give Blanc a title deed. Blanc notes that it is sudden but she does not need the title deed. Ms. Poona asks that Blanc not say that and accept it. Ms. Poona is sure that everyone has forgotten and she has not been any of the games for a while. Blanc notes that she is saying meta things like Neptune. Ms. Poona changes strategy and says that as a citizen of Lowee, this is her present to Blanc. Blanc notes that if this is the case, she will accept it. Ms. Poona tries add the title deed as a bonus but Blanc tells her that she does not need it. 108 G ROM
15% shares for Lowee
8 30000 The Guild Woman tells Blanc she has a package. Blanc wonders what it is. The Guild Woman says it came from her fans. Blanc is happy that she has fans. Sweet Flower (Rom's Outfit)
Vitamin Flower (Ram's Outfit)
15% shares for Lowee
9 50000 The Guild Woman wants to give Blanc something. Blanc wonders if it is a gift from someone again. The Guild Woman says it is not as it is from her. She says Blanc has always been making things better for her. Blanc admits that she is not really meaning to do so. The Guild Woman does not care and is still thankful. She urges Blanc to accept her thanks. Blanc happily accepts the gift. D-Ace Lite Processor Unit
15% shares for Lowee
10 70000 The Guild Woman gives Blanc another package. Blanc wonders who it is this time. The Guild Woman tells her that the sender was Mina Nishizawa. Blanc is surprised. The Guild Woman wonders if this is someone Blanc knows. Blanc tells her she is. Blanc explains that Mina is like family to her. She not seen Mina since she went on a trip a long time ago. Blanc notices that the package came with a letter. The letter states that Mina cannot return for a while but news of her efforts always reaches her. She is sorry she cannot be of help. It is just her feelings but she hopes the item she sends her will be of some use. Blanc thanks Mina and accepts her feelings. Lowee Processor Unit
15% shares for Lowee
Leanbox 2 3000 P2 asks if he is talking to Vert. Vert says he is and asks who he is. P2 introduces himself P2, the result of 4000 years of research of a certain nation. He wishes to prove his effectiveness so he wants to help a soldier such as Vert. Vert thinks this is wonderful and welcomes him as she was getting lonely from a lack of allies. P2 thanks her. P2 joins as a scout
15% shares for Leanbox
3 5000 Kirio wonders if this other there is ✝Green_Heart✝. Vert is surprised that someone would call her name with crosses. The person knows of Vert's online name but Vert wonders why. Kirio laughs and thinks this is not the one. He has heard of someone called Green Heart but thinks Vert cannot the person he is looking for. Vert agrees as she is the CPU Green Heart. Her name is just starting to spread. Kirio is surprised by the word CPU. He was looking for the legendary online gamer who has not been online lately. He admits that it is strange but he feels that Vert resembles the guild master. Kirio apologizes for stopping her and gives her something. Kirio says goodbye but remarks that without the guild master, matches are not as fun. Vert remarks that the person was definitely the leader of a guild that she fought. If she remembers correctly, there was a strong player that recklessly challenged her solo, while putting up a good fight. Vert admits that she has been experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not logging in. She promises to log in today. Build-X Processor Unit
15% shares for Leanbox
4 10000 A swim club student asks Vert if she wants to sunbathing at the roof of his house. Vert compliments his house but declines as she is not fond of tanning in the sun. The student ask that she accept a gift instead. Vert accepts the gift. USB Memory
15% shares for Leanbox
5 15000 Walletcrusher Nep Segment: Vert welcomes the audience to the program Walletcrusher Nep. She promises to make them bankrupt with their fun and happy product line up. She will be introducing a special product only obtainable in the program. It is the Expectation Box. Vert explains that it works the same way as capsules and scratchers in social games. Vert realizes that some may not understand her with that explanation. Vert clarifies that one will obtain a random weapon or item. However, one is not guaranteed a good drop. Vert offers the Sparkling Fun Box at a slightly expensive price of 4980 credits. It is the audience's choice to buy and regret, or not buy and regret. Vert adds that risks build character and encourages the audience to try their luck.
6 20000 Millionep Quiz Segment: Vert says it is time for Vertstation. In this program, for every question the audience answers correctly, they will receive a prize. Vert encourages the audience to do their best to win them all. She starts the quiz. After the quiz, she ends the program hoping to meet again in the main story.
7 25000 Madame Pupa finds Vert a terrifying person. Vert wonders what is going on with someone popping up and calling a person terrifying. Madame Pupa explains that when one thinks of a blonde heroine, she would be mentioned. However, Vert has increased her popularity a lot recently. Vert brags with the fact that in the original Gamindustri, she was the only busty blonde heroine that would come to mind. Madame Pupa admits that she has lost in popularity to Vert. She is here to admit defeat. Vert feels awkward hearing that. Madame Pupa says that Vert is a terrifying person. She gives her praise to Vert. That is all the business she has with Vert and says goodbye. Vert thanks her but notes that for someone admitting defeat, she was looking down at her. Wind Dragon Processor Unit
15% shares for Leanbox
8 30000 Dogoo Man greets Vert and gives a package to Vert. Vert is surprised by Dogoo Man's sudden appearance and asks him not to pop up like that. Dogoo Man explains that he is a mailman for the Muscle Mark courier service. He notes that the senders are from Vert's fan club. Vert was unaware of the fact that she has a fan club. Dogoo Man says the package is likely a present for all her efforts lately. He then leaves for his next delivery. Stripe Money (Nepgear's Outfit)
15% shares for Leanbox
9 50000 Older Brother gives praise to Vert. Vert does not know what to do with the fact that the two brothers have appeared. Younger Brother explains that they heard a fabulous busty blonde was around while they were traveling. Older Brother says that both of their hearts were stolen by her wonderful chest so they have to give her a present. He asks that Vert accept it. Vert gladly accepts the present. Sugar Plum (Uni's Outfit)
15% shares for Leanbox
10 70000 Dogoo Man announces his arrival again. Vert wonders who the package is from this time. Dogoo Man says it is from Chika Hakozaki. He gives her the package and her letter. Vert is happy that is from Chika. She reads that Chika's overseas work has been prolonged but she is aware of Vert's efforts. She admits that this is not enough but she hopes that this can be of use to her. Vert is grateful for Chika's thought and will do her best. Leanbox Processor Unit
15% shares for Leanbox
Uzume's Hideout 2 3000 Baby Bug tells Uzume of their desire to help her. Uzume tells the bug that they are already helping out a lot. They are gathering share crystals for her, which is something Uzume cannot do all by herself. The bug wants to help out with Uzume's adventures more. Uzume asks the bug if they would like to be a scout to assist her in her adventure. The bug is not sure of what a scout is but if it means helping Uzume, the bug happily accepts the offer. Baby Bug joins as a scout
3 5000 Umio announces that he has been entrusted with a gift for Uzume from the monsters around the area. Uzume did not know about this. Umio reports that it was thanks for making it easier around the Zero Dimension. Uzume tells Umio that they did not need to thank her but as they went through the trouble, she will accept their gift. Uranus Processor Unit
4 10000 Goobs calls for Uzume, Uzume wonders if Goobs has some business with her. Goobs has a present from his clan for Uzume and thanks her for everything. Uzume wonders if it is okay to give her something so expensive. Goobs urges Uzume to accept it as she has always been helping them out. Black Orange Processor Unit
5 15000 Walletcrusher Nep Segment: Uzume announces the start of the fun, mail-order program. Uzume will make the audience bankrupt with their fun and happy product lineup. She introduces the item for today, the Expectation Box. Uzume explains that this is a mysterious box of which she has no idea what is inside unless she opens it. The thing inside can be a sinle weapon or item. It is completely random so she asks the audience to get angry if it is weird. Uzume says the audience may need a lot of luck but they will look cool for buying it. She offers the Surprising Mystery Box for 4980 credits. Uzume ends the program and hopes to hang out again soon.
6 20000 Quiz Millionep Segment: Uzume introduces this program. If the audience can answer the questions correctly, they can win a super cool prize. She encourages them to try their best and get the awesome prize. She starts the quiz. After the quiz, she asks how was it and if they got them all right. Uzume tells the audience to their best for the rest of the CPU's quizzes and ends the program.
7 25000 A Dogoo King calls for Uzume. Uzume wonders who this is. She notices that the dogoo is huge and muscular. The Dogoo King heard a rumor that Uzume was here and he cuts himself him. Dogoo King sadly notes that Uzume would probably not remember a common dogoo like him but still she saved his likfe a long time ago. The Dogoo King wanted to tell Uzume this because of Uzume's protection of their homes, even a runt like him managed to grow this large. Uzume actually does remember his face and voice. She does take pride in being able to tell each Dogoo apart. The Dogoo King is glad. Uzume figures dogoos eventually grow bigger but everyone is different. Dogoo King explains that he trained his muscles every day because he looked up to Uzume. Uzume is happy to hear that and urges him to continue training to protect his friends. The Dogoo King agrees and wants to give Uzume something that can be of use to her. Uzume thanks him and says that she will use it carefully. Evonium [x10]
8 30000 Umio announces that he has been entrusted with a gift for Uzume from the monsters. Uzume is surprised to hear this. Umio explains that thanks to her, it is much easier for them to live in the Zero Dimension. The gift is their gratitude. Uzume laughs and tells Umio if he says that, she will blush. Uzume accepts the gift. EnergyMate [x16]
9 50000 Fried Shrimp arrives with a present for Uzume. Uzume wonders what is going on with this present. Fried Shrimp explains that it is thanks from the Baby Bugs for all her daily help and urges her to accept the present. Uzume says she is doing all this because she wants to, so there is no need to give her anything but she thanks Fried Shrimp for the gift. Blue Cast Processor Unit
10 70000 Umio urges Uzume to accept this. Uzume wonders who it came from, the Baby Bugs, or Goobs. Umio says it came from him. It is a special gift as thanks. Uzume wonders what is going on as this is unlike Umio. Umio says it was just on a whim and wants to continue to work hard together. Uzume agrees. Delphinus Processor Unit
Ruins of the Heart 2 3000 Dogoo Man arrives as the Dogoo postman. He is here to deliver a present from all the Zero Dimension monsters to everyone. Umio is happy to hear this. Dogoo Man explains that they heard about how hard everyone was working and prepared the present. Umio says the next time, they see the Zero Dimension monsters, he will have to thank them. Judge Processor Unit
3 5000 Histoire announces that she will now transfer the goods. Umio thanks her as there are not many items in the Heart Dimension so these will help. Umio wonders asks why are they recieving supplies all of the sudden. Histoire reports that the Hunters in Lowee had delivered the supplies to her in order to be of help to everyone. Umio says this is very helpful and must be thanks to the popularity of C-Sha and the others. Brave Procesor Unit
4 10000 Saturn Shiro asks Umio if there is something he is invested in or something he devoted his life to. Umio says there is, and that would be his devotion to protect Uzume. Saturn Shiro says nothing. Umio wonders who this is by the way. Saturn Shiro says his name is Saturn Shiro. He has taken a liking to Umio's spirit and will lend his indomitable spirit and passion for his sake. Saturn Shiro then laughs. Saturn Shiro joins as a scout
5 15000 Walletcrusher Nep Segment: Older Neptune announces that Walletcrusher Nep has begun once again. She promises to make the audience bankrupt with their fun and happy product lineup. Now that older Neptune has gotten the enticing catchphrase out of the way she will explain the program. Older Neptune says this is a mail-order show where she will crush the audience's wallet. She introduces the product, the Expectation Box. It's not just any old box as once one opens it, they will randomly get one weapon or item. The price is a moderate wallet crusher of 4980 credits. Will they reach out to grasp a rare item, obtainable only here or draw their hand back in fear? She offers the Mystery Secret Box at a price of 4980 credits. Older Neptune says now that she is garnered interest, the program's time is up, she says she will see them again and ends the program.
6 20000 Quiz Millionep Segment: Older Neptune explains that this program has her giving the audience a fabulous prize every time they answer her questions correctly. Older Neptune starts the quiz. After the quiz, older Neptune asks if they were able to answer them all. She is sure they got them all right. She ends the program and says she will see them in the main story.
7 25000 Histoire tells Umio that more supplies have arrived so she is transferring them over. Umio wonders who it is from. Histoire tells him that it comes a mouse named Chuko, who runs a used game shop. She has gathered many things that can help B-Sha. Umio wonders if this is the manager of the store where B-Sha works part time. He praises Chuko for being such a good manager. Histoire admits there is a bit of a problem. Umio asks what is the problem. Histoire reports that she opened the package to find 90% of the contents are used games. Umio says nothing. Histoire asks if he would like everything. Umio declines and asks her to choose the items that would actually help them. Trick Processor Unit
8 30000 Dogoo Lady greets Umio and tells them that they are here to give them some supplies. Dogoo Man explains that all their hard work is famous in their clan. They would like to be of help to everyone. Umio is surprised that there is clan of Dogoo Men and wonders if the clan is full of monsters like them. Dogoo Man assures him that this is the case and they have beautiful muscles. Dogoo Man says that he is number one though. Umio says he will try not to visualize it. Evonium [x16]
25% shares for all cities
9 50000 Older Neptune calls out to Umio. Umio wonders what is wrong. Older Neptune says she was given some items. Umio wonders who it came from. Older Neptune says that the person did not give her his name. Older Neptune describes him as an awesome-looking robot. Umio says that nothing can be done if she does not know who it is. If they do meet again, he will thank the person. Magic Processor Unit
10 70000 Umio's fin antenna is going off as he detects a presence. He asks if someone is there. A mysterious being says even if there is nothing in this world, the being offers it thanks. The being is sure that one day, they will be together again. Umio notices the voice is fading away and asks where they are. A bright flash of light appears. Umio is stunned by it. Umio notices that the presence is gone and wonders what was that. Umio notices that something fell. Compile Heart Processor Unit