Item skill

Nep Bull, a healing Item Skill

An Item Skill is a type of skill a character has in Hyperdimension Neptunia. It allows a character to synthesize and use items in the heat of battle without having to waste a character's turn. The usage of an Item Skill is determined by several factors: the quantity of Item Synthesis Materials: (Tuffmil, Reflex, Gelatin, and Detoxin) currently in possession, the activation percentage, and various battle conditions. Item Skills can range from healing to removing status ailments.

Usage Rate

An Item Skill's usage rate can be manually set in or out of battle. The percentage is determined by the amount of Skill Points distributed to a specific item skill. Points are obtained as the character level up and the more points assigned the skill the higher the chance for the skill to be activated. Each Item Skill has a minimum of 0% and a maximum of 100%.


Along with the usage rate, there are two possible variables that determine when a character will utilize an Item Skill.


An Item Skill's "When" variable is determined by when a character will utilize the Item Skill. There are seven types of factors that belong in the When variable:

  • Upon Damage: When the character gets damaged by an enemy.
  • Upon Defense: When the player chooses for the character to defend.
  • Upon Switching: When the player switches the character with a back row party member.
  • End of Action: When the player's turn ends.
  • Upon Action: When the player's turn comes.
  • Upon Battle: When the player engages in battle.
  • Result: When all enemies are defeated.


An Item Skill's "Why" variable is determined by the condition of the character. Conditions include if the character is above or below a certain health or if the character is afflicted with a status ailment. Note that some Item Skills won't always have a "Why" factor.

List of Item Skills

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