This is K-Sha. I have successfully infiltrated the destination point. I will now continue the mission.
— K-Sha

K-Sha is a member of the Gold Third. A student of the Lastation school for girls.
She excels in both academics and sports, and rumor has it she is quite popular with the boys.
Her hobbies are music appreciation and performance, and she's also skilled at rhythm games due to her quick reflexes.

Whenever she picks up a gun, however, her personality changes to that of a military veteran.
She is then able complete a mission without so much as wincing at the sight of a gruesome bloodbath.



K-Sha has turquoise eyes and medium length gray hair held by a red headband. She has straight cut bangs and wears the longer hair before her ears in thin braids. Her outfit is composed of a short dark gray dress with a black belt accented by gold. On top of this is a red and white dress resembling a school uniform with gold buttons and a four-tailed bow of goldenrod with a red K in the center.  

The dress is split from the chest down to the bottom. Two red ribbon tails can be seen sticking out from the bottom of her dress. On her wrist is a red and white bracelet on a black band with a white K on the top. She wears black socks with white miniature boots with a black band across the toe and red strings. 




K-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of Konami and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.



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