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A Large Medal is a key item that first appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. Large Medals are mostly dropped from powerful optional enemies but can also be obtained in a variety of other ways which includes, but is not limited to, quests.

The purpose of obtaining Large Medals is to unlock new Blank Discs which can be used to create game discs. There is a medal for every letter in the alphabet and obtaining all of them will reward you with the Infinite_Disk which can hold the max level of each Idea Chip type.

List of Large Medals

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Medal Enemy Drop Location Notes
Large Medal A

Main Character Ricky 

★ Lastation: Wanderer's Cave

Crazy Buff Shanpuru  ★ Planeptune: Zeca Ruins no.2 ----
Large Medal B Achilles  ★ Lastation: Soni Wetlands ----
Galakryzer ★ Lastation: Bandicrash ----
Large Medal C 800 God of Magatushi  ☆ Lowee: Rud Arms Sewer North ----
Alkaid  ★ Lastation: Kuzarat Facility no.1 ----
Large Medal D Replicant  ★ Lowee: Rud Arms Sewer North ----
Pollux  Lowee: Reload Grasslands ----
Large Medal E Rival Ricky ★ Lowee: Castle Exterior ----
Alnair ★ Hello Continent: Suaho Mountain Range ----
Large Medal F Judge's Disciple  ★ Lowee: Castle Chambers ----
Peacock  ★ PC Continent: Adaldik Forest ----
Large Medal G Nemesis ★ Lowee: Mine ----
Belgarion  ★ Lastation: Gigo Main Entrance ----
Large Medal H Grafchocolo  ★ Leanbox: Halo Forest ----
8 Trillion G.o.M  ☆ Hyperdimension G.C. 2012: Station Area ----
Large Medal I Epsilon  ★ Leanbox: Kobaba Ruins ----
Large Medal J Undisputed God's Peon  ★ Planeptune: Otori Cave ----
Big Pirachu  ★ Leanbox: Zega Forest ----
Large Medal K Aldebaran  ★ Lastation: PS Dimension ----
Delphinus  ★ Hyperdimension G.C. 2012: City Center ----
Large Medal L Trick Crown  ★ Planeptune: Haneda Mountain Range ----
Large Medal M Next-Gen Ricky ★ Lowee: Metroid Shelter ----
Large Medal N Fomalhaut  ★ Lowee: Luji Plateau ----
Large Medal O 8000 God Magatushi ☆ Planeptune: Haneda Mountain Range ----
Large Medal P Mekidrygar  ★ Lowee: Ario Plateau ----
Large Medal Q Wild Pirachu  ★ Leanbox: Nekutoki Forest ----
Large Medal R Ricky RELEASE   Lastation: Anonydeath's Lab ----
Large Medal S Acrux  ★ Hello Continent: Keraga Dimension ----
Large Medal T Gebachu 

★ Lastation: Anonydeath's Lab Depths 

★ Eden: Magma Cave

Large Medal U Regulus  ★ PC Continent: Pii Shii Game Factory ----
Large Medal V Viral Marashimono  ★ Eden: Extradimensional Space ----
Large Medal W Vestiges of Momus  ★ Eden: Graphic Pass ----
Large Medal X 80 Quadrillion G.o.M  ☆ Hyperdimension G.C. 2012: City Center True route
Large Medal Y Legacy  ★ Hyperdimension G.C. 2012: Virtua Forest True route
Large Medal Z Iris Heart? (Plutia? Transforms itself in combat)  ★ Hyperdimension G.C. 2012: Planeptune Alley True route

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Medal Enemy Drop Location Notes
Large Medal A Crazy Buff Shampuru ★ Planeptune: ZECA Ruins no.1
Large Medal B Achilles ★ Lastation: Gravidaze Ruins
Large Medal C Forest whale Leanbox: Marubaco Forest Chapter 3 scenario
Large Medal D Pollux ★ Leanbox: MS Mountain
Large Medal E Grendel ★ Leanbox:  Gunbreak Underground Cave
Large Medal F - Quest "Looking For a Companion Nya"
Large Medal G Fake White Heart Lowee: Stella Grassland Chapter 4 scenario
Large Medal H Killachine MK-2 Lowee Chapter 4 scenario
Large Medal I Belgarion ★ Leanbox: Gunbreak Underground Cave
Large Medal J Big Pirachu ★ Leanbox: Marubaco Forest
Large Medal K Wild Pirachu ★ Lastation: Avenir Fourth Heavy Equipment Warehouse
Large Medal L - "Gitakon GARR Limited!" Quest
Large Medal M Arfoire Leanbox: Heiro Mountain Chapter 3 scenario
Large Medal N Peacock ★ Lastation: Nasune Volcano
Large Medal O Pollution Two Eclipse Mareshimono ★ Planeptune: Phantasy Zone
Large medal P Plating Drygar ★ Lowee: Lowee Snowfield
Large Medal Q - Quest: "That Badge"
Large Medal R - Quest "New hair Ornaments"
Large Medal S Undisputed God's Peon ★ Lastation: Sonoresaku Cave
Large Medal T Clione ★ Planeptune: Yukawa Ruins
Large Medal U Clione ★ Planeptune: ZECA Ruins no.2
Large Medal V Clione ★ Lastation: Labryinth of Millennium
Large Medal W - Quest "Enderwater Robot"
Large Medal X Fake Purple Heart Planeptune: Neo Geo Front Depths Chapter 7 scenario
Large Medal Y - Leanbox: Kinesuto Mountain Road Treasure Chest
Large Medal Z Fake Black Heart Lastation: Issue no. 459 heavy Machinery Plant Depths Chapter 7 scenario
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