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You of all peons don't get to call me that! Who's graceless and unglamorous?! You're a freakin' rat, dammit.
— Linda

Linda, mostly referred to as Underling (下っ端 Shitappa), is a character that makes her first appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. Usually seen with Warechu, she is a member of the Grunt Work Squad of the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime (ASIC). She serves as a primary antagonist and minor boss in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.



Linda is a female character with the appearance close to a human, though her race is unknown. She has light grey skin, green hair, red eyes, and pointy ears. She wears a black choke collar on her neck. She wears gloves that reach through her wrists, and are black on the dorsal side and red on the palm, and has white zig-zag lines on the wrists.

On the top, she wears nothing but an opened, hooded jacket and a tube top, revealing her chest and belly. Her hooded jacket is colored grey with black trimming on the outside and red on the inside, and the hood is designed similar to Warechu's head, having his ears, nose, and white whiskers. On the back is a broken heart design with red and yellow coloring beside each of the crack's sides and black crossbones under the heart. The similar design can also be found divided by the bottom front of her jacket. Her tube top is black that has crossing strings in the middle. The same heart design on her jacket can be found on the middle of the tube top with the heart being divided by the strings.

She wears grey, baggy pants with strings and is colored black on the waistline. On her feet are dark grey combat boots with a white welt and black strings.

She is usually seen carrying an iron pipe with a copper colored handle. On one of her CGs, she is seen holding a yellow electronic with a flip form factor.


Linda acts in the same manner as a delinquent. Her ill-mannered disposition makes her rude towards others, but she shows respect to her higher-ups in ASIC. She is bad-tempered and can be angered easily, especially when she's being referred to as a peon.

She admires her boss, CFW Magic, and follows her orders diligently. She would do anything, from doing menial tasks to causing disorder, just for the sake of furthering ASIC's plans.

She takes every opportunity she gets, from taking advantage of any situation she can to running away when she can. She would battle those in her way and resort to any advantage she can get. She is also quick to withdraw from any situation she can't handle, but she can be persistent and stand her ground when it comes to tasks that comes from Magic.

Despite being a devoted member of ASIC, Linda has a few morals. She expresses disagreement towards Magic's plans for total annihilation. She is also shown to be cordial when she helps out an old lady in Lowee, though this might only be to convert the lady into believing Arfoire. She is also seen feeding a cat when she failed to convert anyone into Arfoire in Lowee and she is disgusted when she sees Trick lick Rom and Ram.



Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2[]

Chapter 1: Divine Oratorio

Linda is first introduced and encountered when Nepgear, IF, and Compa were searching for Planeptune's game mascot. Introducing herself as "the most ass-kickingest soldier in the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime, Linda," the party immediately sees her as a peon and underling, hence she gets her labeled moniker. She immediately loses her temper and starts striking Nepgear and her companions. The group are overwhelmed until IF is able to convince Nepgear to transform to HDD form. Linda is overcame by Nepgear, but she is able to shatter the game mascot before leaving.

Chapter 2: The Crossroads of Defeat

Linda spots Nepgear, Uni, IF, and Compa in Rebeat Resort when they are doing a quest. Determined to kill them all, she shows herself, but Uni and Nepgear transforms and overcomes her.

On Nepgear's way to searching the Treasure Gem in Planeptune's Virtua Forest Depths, Linda follows them. After Nepgear, IF, and Compa dispatch the Ancient Dragon who holds the gem, Linda interrupts and summons monsters that seals Nepgear's ability to transform. Suddenly, Nisa appears out of nowhere and helps the party. After they kill the monsters, Linda retreats.

Finding the Treasure Gem in Septent Resort, Nepgear and her companions encounter Linda. Linda causes some monsters to go into a rampage and attack the party, but she retreats after seeing them defeat the monsters.

Handing out fliers in Lowee, Linda takes a girl with light blue attire hostage after encountering Nepgear and her companions. The party finds her in Lowee Global Expo East. Not having a plan, Lindatakes advantage and summons a bunch of monsters. The hostage Linda took is then revealed to be Rom, one of Lowee's CPU Candidate, after her sister in HDD form, Ram, comes to her rescue. The twin CPU Candidates defeat the summoned monsters, while Nepgear and her companions take care of Linda, forcing the ASIC member to retreat after facing defeat.

Linda comes back to Lowee to do faith-spreading missions. With Nepgear, IF, Compa, and Nisa spying on her, Linda does all kinds of things to spread the faith of Arfoire, including helping an old lading and trying to sell her an Arfoire figurine to handing out Arfoire chips to the children, all ending up with the party making her run away. Linda gets a suspicious call that tells her Lowee's game mascot's location, located in World Maze, 1st Layer, but she didn't know that IF, Compa, and Nisa heard the conversation.

In the dungeon, Linda finds Nepgear and her companions, who are able to discover Lowee's game mascot first. She summons some monsters, distracting the party away from the mascot. She shatters the mascot, releasing the seal that binds the Killachines within the dungeon. The party battles a revived Killachine, but it stands impervious against their attacks. The party retreats, giving Linda the breathing room to reboot the other Killachines. She encounters the party again after they were able to get the mascot fixed. She uses a CPU Breaker to their disposal, but the party were able to destroy it, forcing Linda to retreat once again.

Along with Pirachu, Linda is assigned to take down Leanbox's game mascot next. In Lastation, she boards a Terraportation ship, which happens to be the last one heading for Leanbox. Before departing, Pirachu spots Nepgear and her companions. Linda assures the party that she will cause disorder in Leanbox until they arrive there. It is unknown whether she and Pirachu were the cause, but the accident of the same ship Linda and Pirachu boarded gives them enough time to cause disorder in Leanbox. They take Chika Hakozaki, the Oracle of Leanbox, hostage and hides her in Underverse. Linda then disguises herself as the Oracle and removes the laws that prevents Leanbox's citizens from freely worshipping anyone, including Arfoire.

Upon Nepgear and her companions' arrival, Linda, disguised as Chika, assigns the party to handle the "weak monster" in Gapain Field. When asked about the mascot, she allows them to take it, but her leniency made the party suspicious about her.

During a night in Leanbox, Linda spots one of 5pb.'s concerts. Wanting to relieve her stress, she tries to cause disorder until IF spots her. She is chased by IF then Cave, but she manages to escape.

Back in Leanbox's Basilicom, Linda disguises herself back to Chika. Along with Uni, Nepgear and her companions arrive in the Basilicom. Uni manages to distinguish Linda from Chika, rendering the disguise useless. With the party tailing her, Linda withdraws and escapes to Underverse, revealing Chika's location. On the same location, Linda and Pirachu later battles Nepgear and her companions for Leanbox's game mascot. They lose, letting the party get the mascot, but they persist and takes out a mascot character's disc. Utilizing its powers, Linda and Pirachu stands impervious until 5pb. arrives and sings, weakening their powers. They battle the party and lose once again.

Chapter 3: A Divine Hunger

Linda is left in charge of ASIC's forces in an island near the west coast of Planeptune. She encounters Nepgear and her companions in the Severed Dimension. She summons a monster, but the party fends it off, forcing her to retreat.

She comes back to Lowee with CFW Trick to infiltrate Rom and Ram's room. Trick brainwashes Rom and leaves her under Linda's care. She is able to get Rom to cause havoc in Lowee until Nepgear uses a Sharicite to momentarily cease Rom's brainwashing, causing her to retreat along with Rom. With Rom following, Linda runs to Atari Marsh, but Nepgear and her companions tails the running ASIC member. She uses something to reinstate Rom's brainwashing to full state, which also manages to brainwash Ram. The party eventually manages to snap Lowee's CPU Candidates out of their brainwashing, subduing Linda from the situation until Trick appears. Trick loses in battle, forcing him and Linda to flee.

Chapter 4: Goddess Awakening

Linda and Pirachu are under pressure by a bored and thrashing CFW Judge, who wants to challenge them to a fight and eventually kill everyone, in the Gamindustri Graveyard until Nepgear and her companions arrive. They shift Judge's focus on the party, leading them to battle. Intimidated by Judge's lost and demise, they withdraw from the Graveyard.

Chapter 5: Approaching Shadows

Assigned by CFW Magic, Linda is left in charge of Arfoire's Factory. She encounters Nepgear and her companions, eventually leading to a battle. Linda loses, but she persists and wants to battle again. CFW Brave arrives and takes her stead. A battle ensues, resulting in Brave's downfall, and eventually leading Linda to withdraw.

Linda later leads the factory workers to wreak havoc in Leanbox, luring Nepgear and her companions there. After the party arrives and swiftly defeats her, she reveals that her doing was only to distract them from ASIC's conquest of Planeptune.

Along with CFW Trick, they take Histoire hostage and demands the CPU Candidates as ransom. Nepgear and her companions eventually find them in LAN Castle. With the situation under their control, Linda vents out her anger of losing against Nepgear and Uni and starts striking them hard. The party eventually gains control of the situation and dispatches Trick. Dismayed by Trick's demise, Linda retreats.

Chapter 6: Evil's Fading Silhouette

Linda can be seen in a Chirper event with Nepgear. She plans to ruin the CPU's election, but she oversleeps and is too late. She walks in when the CPUs were arguing about their votes. When asked, she reveals that she didn't vote. The CPUs put pressure on her to vote for one of them, dismaying and causing her to run away.

Chapter 7: Fetal Contraction

Linda and Pirachu is seen along with a resurrected Magic. Expressing disagreement to Magic's plans for total annihilation, they barely dodge an attack from Magic. Appalled, Linda is saddened by Magic's change of character from what she usually sees in her and runs away.

Chapter 8: Defenders

Despite the present danger, Linda waits for Nepgear and her companions in the Gamindustri Graveyard and plans to avenge Magic's death. Pirachu and Linda battles the party, but they lose, forcing them to stand down. They eventually regain their stance but choose to leave, thinking that the Deity of Sin will finish the party off.

At the end, Linda and Pirachu remain as the only active members of ASIC. They plan to rebuild the syndicate by spreading Arfoire chips, even though they're rendered useless by Arfoire's ultimate downfall. They end up running away from IF and Falcom and eventually from Nisa and Gust.

Apocalypse: Savior's Sorrow

Linda is watching Nepgear and her companions battle Vert in Leanbox for the cursed sword. The party retreats after defeating Vert. Seeing the CPU of Leanbox in an enervated state, she seizes the opportunity to finish her off. Nepgear and her companions come back after hearing Vert's scream and return before Linda is able to kill Vert. Linda battles the party, but she loses. Nepgear finishes her off, leading to her death.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION[]

She reprises her same role as in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

In the True Ending, she and Warechu are confronted by Red, who attempts to "reform" her by claiming her as a wifey candidate. While Red tries to convince Broccoli to help her make Underling into a "cute punk girl," the pair makes their escape.

Other Appearances[]


Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection[]

Linda is the producer for MOB48.

Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP[]

Linda acts as an assistant for CFW Trick in the third stage.

Anime & Manga[]

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin[]

Linda is a recurring villain in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin. She is a member of ASIC. Linda first appears in the Chapter 12 defending unsuccessfully the R4 Show with Warechu and other mice.

Next, Linda schemes with Warechu to trap the Planeptune sisters in retro video games. The Planeptune sisters, when they get a game over, they will die. However, the Planeptune sisters somehow pass through all the games, knowing all the shortcuts and cheat codes.

Warechu has a plan to force Nepgear play strip-rock paper scissors, but before she lost, the game ended. Linda gets angry at Warechu at short the game lasted, but Nepgear defeats them. Upset, Linda hits the arcade machine and transport both Linda and Warechu.

Linda and Warechu then attempt to attack Leanbox and take the sole goddess Vert, captive. The two were able to drug Vert and begin to drag her away. However, they are taken out by the Leanbox Special Mission Department very quickly.

Linda appears with her boss CFW Magic in Chapter 22 and challenge the goddesses for the right to solely use the resort for their vacation. Linda ups the stakes by saying the loser needs to wear a revealing bikini. The sport they will play is beach volleyball. Despite using Warechu and other mice to help them cheat, ASIC was defeated forcing Linda and Magic to wear revealing bikinis.

Linda, along with Warechu is later seen attempting to poach the Mega Dragon, a symbol of Planeptune. They are thwarted by Purple Heart and Sister. The Planeptune sisters want them to repent on their actions but they refuse. Iris Heart appears and says they should be punished and begins torturing them. Linda and Warechu beg for mercy.

Seeing as how the goddesses are waking up new goddesses, Magic orders Linda and Warechu to interfere their next planned awakening. Linda and Warechu ambush and knock out the researchers. They intend to control the sleeping goddess Yellow Heart with a Tenshi No Koe.

Linda and Warechu then attempt to ambush Neptune arriving to awaken the goddess. Neptune is able to react to them in time. As a result, Linda sends Yellow Heart to attack Neptune, with Linda joining in as well. Linda is unable to defeat Neptune, and Neptune was able to free Yellow Heart from ASIC's control. Neptune defeats Linda and leaves with Yellow Heart.

Linda and Warechu are left in the freezer room where Yellow Heart was freed and struggle to stay warm.

Linda appears in Dreamcass Island with Magic and Warechu determined to ruin the goddesses' vacation spot. They are defeated by the CPUs using sea urchins, sea cumcumbers and shells.

Linda and Warechu then robs Gust's store to get skull-tipped arrows to kill the goddesses with. They aim to hit Nepgear but Rei Ryghts takes the shot. Afterwards, the two are defeated by Rei Ryghts.

Eventually ASIC gets word that Neptune no longer has her CPU powers. ASIC forms an alliance with Anonydeath and Abnes. The villains set off to attack Planeptune. Linda holds a Neptune determined to save her sister hostage, but somehow Neptune transforms and Purple Heart defeats them. ASIC is forced to retreat.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation[]

Musical Themes[]

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Name Game Description Audio
Warechu's Theme Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Linda shares a theme song with Warechu. It plays when either one or both of them appear during a cutscene and also during boss battles with them. Warechu's theme was composed by Kenji Kaneko is the twelfth track on the Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 OST.



  • The hood of her jacket resembles Warechu's face, containing his ears, nose, and white whiskers.


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