Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2


  • "I am the most ass-kickingest soldier in the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime... Linda!"
  • "Wh-who'd forget that!? A little snobby runt like you beat me! How can I live down that humiliation?"
  • "Don't talk down to me, shit-for-brains. I've got a trump card today!"
  • "What, a CPU election? Those spoiled drama queens are comparing ego sizes the first chance they get, eh? I guess it would be fun to watch. I was getting pretty bored, anyway. I'll ruin the election and they'll all lose face!"
  • "Yo, morons. Your ridiculous prom queen contest is over. ASIC is gonna go ahead and take over your little venue now."
  • "Like hell I would. Why'd I vote for any of you mascara-clad CPU broads?"
  • "Y-Yo. CFW Magic, ma’am, please stop. Genocide isn’t cool, y’know?"

During her turn in battle

  • "You better be ready to die."
  • "Moron."
  • "Aw-ri-yah!"
  • "Perish!"
  • "Alright. Who wants to die first?"
  • "I'll scar that pretty face!"

Taking a hit

  • "You!"
  • "Drat!"
  • "Uhhh!"

Upon defeat in battle

  • "...I... can't... lose... yet..."
  • "No waaaaaaay!"

Bonus Quotes

  • "Who the hell's Underling?" (Introduction)
  • "Oh, today's your birthday, huh? Who give's a crap?" (Birthday)
  • "Alright, since it's Christmas, Let's go give out some Arfoire chips." (Christmas)
  • "Let me rest during New Year's. Working with you wouldn't suck too much, though." (New Year's Eve)
  • "Why are working on the first day of the year? Come on, you'll work too. You're common with me." (New Year's Day)
  • "Yo! Check out this chocolate. What do you think? Pretty sweet, huh? I didn't steal it, I made it." (Valentine)
  • "Yo, wake up! If you don't get up, I'm gonna gut you!" (Alarm)
  • "Just go to bed. If you don't, I can't sleep." (Bedtime)
  • "Hey, you got a message." (Text Message)
  • "Your phone's ringing. If it's some bitch, I'll break your phone in half!" (Phone Call)
  • "Okay, you don't totally suck!" (Compliment)
  • "I like how you're so pathetic. It's easy to hate you." (Curse)
  • (Sigh) "You're such a pain in the ass." (Extra 1)
  • "A CPU? They used to be strong, right?" (Extra 2)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2


  • "Ugh! Underling this, underling that! Enough already you brats!"
  • "Yeah, the dumb blonde chick, the transforming baby, the snob, and the "wifey" musclehead.”
  • "Yuck! Enough with the soap opera crap! If you two wanna die together, I'd be happy to grant that wish."
  • "The Killachine is back, bitches!"
  • "That's 48... These things are spawning like some crappy FPS. Time for us to get moving!"
  • "Not agaaaaaiiin!!"
  • "Urrgh! Stop breaking the fourth wall!"


  • ”I'm gonna ugly up that cutesy little face of yours!”
  • ”Agh....why you...."
  • ”Dammmmiiiittt!” (KO'd)
  • ”No....I can't....lose...” (KO'd)
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