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Linda, mostly referred to as Underling, is a minor antagonist character in Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation.



Linda is a female with pale skin, green hair, red eyes, and pointy ears. She wears a black choke collar on her neck. She wears gloves that reach through her wrists, and are black on the dorsal side and red on the palm, and has white zig-zag lines on the wrists.

On the top, she wears nothing but an opened, hooded jacket and a tube top, revealing her chest and belly. Her hooded jacket is colored grey with black trimming on the outside and red on the inside, and the hood is designed similar to Warechu's head, having his ears, nose, and white whiskers. On the back is a broken heart design with red and yellow coloring beside each of the crack's sides and black crossbones under the heart.

The similar design can also be found divided by the bottom front of her jacket. Her tube top is black that has crossing strings in the middle. The same heart design on her jacket can be found on the middle of the tube top with the heart being divided by the strings. She wears grey, baggy pants with strings and is colored black on the waistline. On her feet are dark grey combat boots with a white welt and black strings. She is usually seen carrying an iron pipe with a copper colored handle.


Linda acts in the same manner as a delinquent. Her ill-mannered disposition makes her rude towards others is bad-tempered and can be angered easily. She takes every opportunity she gets, from taking advantage of any situation she can to running away when she can. She would battle those in her way and resort to any advantage she can get. She is also quick to withdraw from any situation she can't handle.


Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee

Linda, along with Trick lured Rom and Ram out with reptile coins in the amusement park. Linda sent some ransoms but the Goddesses tracked them down with a new satellite surveillance, Terra View. After Vert dispatched Trick, Linda fled to be intercepted and dispatched by Noire.

The Paradise (Island) Forbidden

Linda is found to be a reformed outstanding citizen working in the resort on R-18 Island. She offers the Goddesses a drink which Neptune takes. This drink makes Neptune incredibly shy. The Goddesses suspected that Linda drugged the drink which she denies . A drug bottle slips out of her pocket. With her cover blown, she declares she is a proud villain.

Blanc was going to deal with her but Plutia transformed first to Iris Heart. Linda attempts to flee but is caught by Iris Heart who reforms her for good. A truly reformed Linda then leads the Goddesses to an artillery battery.

The Battlefront (Conflict) of Oblivion

Linda appears in R-18 island when she spots Noire and Plutia. Plutia transforms into Iris Heart and starts playing around with her again. Linda eventually guides her inside the artillery battery where Iris Heart finds Anonydeath.



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