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As a symbol of the city, I have to do the right thing till the end.
— Little Rain


Little Rain is a pale girl with dull blue eyes and long white hair worn in a low ponytail with a purple hair piece. She wears a long, flowing gold dress with the skirt portion being partially wrapped, exposing her legs. The outfit ties to the gold necklace she wears, while the area over the chest is brown colored with tiny gold detailing and a gold accessory with tiny purple gems in it. She has matching brown arm sleeves and a shawl-like piece over her skirt, held by a white and silver belt object with gold diamond shapes. Her shoes consists of white and gold, with brown on the bottom and purple spheres on top.


Emanating an aura of purity and fragility, she is revered by people as a saint. Having a gentle personality, she easily builds up stress, and when it explodes she goes out of control. She likes sacred things and hates relying on something. The gaming genre she is most skilled in is JRPG.


Chou Megami Shinkou Noire Gekishin Black Heart


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