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My name, you ask? Yes, of course... You can call me MAGES..

MAGES. is a reserved magical girl. She says strange things and tends to repel people. She's also versed in science and magic, combining them to form what she calls science magic. Her name references a Japanese video game developer and record label named MAGES..

She calls herself "The Mage". She is cousins with the popular idol, 5pb..



MAGES.' appearance is well suited for her name. She has long blue hair and blue eyes, accompanied with a black witch hat. She wears a long, white overcoat with black trimming and underneath it, she seems to be wearing what could be a uniform consisting of a red tie and a pleated skirt. Her legwear consists of gray thigh high socks and ankle high heels with white laces.


MAGES. has an overall calm demeanor about her and doesn't show too many exaggerated emotions. She is rarely ever seen truly mad and if she does get upset it doesn't go past slight annoyance or agitation. There are times where she can play around and act facetious, such as when she continued to call Noire her assistant despite Noire's obvious dislike for the title. MAGES. also takes her research and experimentation very seriously and if she fails at doing something she is trying to achieve then she can become highly upset about it.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

The Mage Arrives

Neptune requests for Izawa to summon her another companion; preferably one who is magician, is smart, and has a mysterious aura. This leads to Izawa summoning forth MAGES. Who then believes that her arrival was due to the work of the Organization. However, when she takes notice of Neptune and Izawa, she requests for an explanation regarding the situation. Upon learning on how she actually arrived in the Ultradimension she realizes that Neptune is in fact the goddess of Planeptune in the Hyperdimension, where both MAGES. and Neptune are from.

MAGES. states that before she was summoned that she was in the middle of perfecting timeleap magic before being summoned by Izawa. She says that she will unravel Izawa's method of summoning and make such a skill her own so that she can find a way to complete timeleap magic and send Neptune back home.


Noire walks in on MAGES. researching how to transcend worlds and dimensions. She doesn't quite understand it, but Noire tells MAGES. it sounds incredible and so she will try to lend her aid to MAGES. research. MAGES. says that she is grateful and begins to call Noire her assistant, much to the Lastation CPU's displeasure.

Noire states that she hates being called an assistant, and when MAGES. continues to call her one over and over again she yells at her saying that she is not her assistant. MAGES. tells Noire that she shouldn't take things so seriously as she was only being facetious with her. Noire explains that she didn't take it seriously, but she just has a weird aversion of being called someone's assistant.

The Mage and The Idol

Nepgear tells MAGES. that she reminds her of her friend, and MAGES. immediately determines that Nepgear is referring to 5pb.. MAGES. states that 5pb. is actually her relative. Nepgear comes to the conclusion that if MAGES. is related to 5pb. then she must be from the Hyperdimension as well. MAGES. confirms Nepgear's assumptions and says that she arrived in the Ultradimension thanks to Neptune, Mr. Izawa, and the guiding hand of fate. Nepgear apologizes for Neptune causing her so much trouble, but MAGES. says she is grateful because she has been able to advance her timespace transcendence research.

Interested, Nepgear asks more about MAGES. being a magician who also knows a lot about science. MAGES. states that she enjoys fiddling with machines and have made many discovering in addition to her magic research. In fact, MAGES. is the one who created the headphone and guitar combination that 5pb. uses on stage. She then shows Nepgear her Particle Cannon Gun which can turn on a TV by pressing the trigger. Nepgear is greatly impressed by this invention and suggests that she make a part with the remote control feature that can be swapped out.

MAGES. becomes inspired by Nepgear's idea and begins dishing out some of her own and the two of them begin to exchange multiple proposals on how to further improve upon MAGES. device. After deciding on a microwave transmitter and suitable call-out, MAGES. asks if Nepgear would like to give her hand in her research and Nepgear wholeheartedly accepts her proposal.

The Drink of the Chosen

MAGES. is in the middle of another of her experiments, however it is not going as planned. Blanc tells her not to dwell on things to much and that she'll get someone to bring them tea while she takes a break. MAGES. agrees to this, but instead of wanting tea she wishes to have Doc Tear Popper. Blanc comments that the name of the drink is the stupidest name she has ever heard and has never heard of such a drink.

MAGES. cannot believe her words and says that Doc Tear Popper is the most beloved of all carbonated beverages throughout history by scientists and magicians. MAGES. comes to the conclusion that the Organization has removed the existence of Doc Tear Popper from the world in order to impede her work. She requests that Blanc continue her search regarding Doc Tear Popper's existence in the Ultradimension.

Increasing Reality

Nepgear inquires about MAGES. device that appears to be a mini-computer. Nepgear calls MAGES. due to them selling out so fast in the Hyperdimension and thus making it hard to buy one. MAGES. reveals that 5pb. sings the jingle in their commercials and has been given several of the devices, one which she has given to MAGES.. She tells Nepgear to keep it a secret and Nepgear says she's great at keeping secrets. Nepegear then asks about the apps she downloads to the device.

MAGES. says that recently she has added a fighting game to it just because it contained robots fro one of her favorite shows. She also says that she has downloaded a map, mail, telephone, Chirper app, and an app that expands reality. Nepgear becomes interested in the app that expands reality and asks what it does. MAGES. explains the app alters real environments that are perceive by other people.

In order to show Nepgear what she means, MAGES. gives her a demonstration and begins to explain how it work further. Nepgear ends up using the app to change MAGES. into a pink maid costume. Despite MAGES.'s protests, Nepgear continues to add more and more accessories to her on the app. Eventually she stops and apologizes. Nepgear says that using MAGES.'s mini-computer really makes her want to get one of her own.

When MAGES. inquires about Nepgear simply using her position as CPU Candidate to get one, Nepgear says Neptune does it every now and again but she doesn't really think it's fair. She says it's best to reserve it in advance and camp out all night for it. That way when you're interviewed you can say “there is even an app for waiting in line” which is apparently Nepgear's dream. MAGES. says that she can't really relate, but wishes Nepgear good luck on achieving her dream.

Gadget Development

MAGES. keeps mumbling to herself about how she has failed. When Nepgear asks why, MAGES. explains how she has been working on a modified microwave that can be operated via cell phone, but for some reason when she tried to warm up some leftover fried chicken it froze solid and how she tried to heat up a ripened banana but it turned into green jelly.

When MAGES. tries for a second time she asks Nepgear to watch and tell her what happens, however Nepgear is nowhere to be found. MAGES. sees that the fried chicken is still frozen and at that very moment Nepgear arrives and asks her what's wrong. MAGES. shows Nepgear the frozen fried chicken, but Nepgear doesn't seem to remember ever speaking about fried chicken before and says that she has just arrived. This prompts MAGES. to check the time. It is then revealed that she has created a time shift.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

MAGES. is first met at Thelad Sanctuary in Chapter 2. She openly admits to knowing Neptune from a different dimension, but as that was a different Neptune, she can't help her with amnesia. Instead, the party asks for more immediate assistance in locating the "large monster" that Avenir wanted to be removed. She agrees, but only if they also give her information in turn: where to find "Doc P" in this world. However, they never even heard of it, to MAGES. frustration.

She returns in Chapter 4, where she sabotages the mass-produced Killachines that Ganache tried to use on the CPU's, and joins the party to help them fend off the last model. She remains in the party until Chapter 7, where she and MarvelousAQL temporarily leave to look for the legendary weapon in Planeptune. They both rejoin in Chapter 8.


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EXE Drive

Other Appearances

Drama CDs

~Yukemuri Onsen Satsujin Jiken in Planeptune no Maki~

Anime & Books

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

MAGES. makes a cameo appearance in the first episode of Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation.

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Kizuna no Katachi - 5pb.'s and MAGES.'s character song duet included in the Dimension tripper!!!! album.



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  • MAGES.' favorite drink, Doc Tear Popper, or 'Doc P', is a reference to Dr. Pepper, a brand of soft drink. This is a direct reference to Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate, along with many other similarities such as her pretend-phone-calls and her existence in other "worlds" (world lines in Steins;Gate).
  • MAGES. ends her pretend-phone-conversations with "Loohcs tneve emag noitamina cisum", which is really just "Music Animation Game Event School" backwards, the full name of the company she represents.
  • MAGES. calling Noire her assistant is another Steins;Gate reference as Noire shares the same voice actress as Makise Kurisu, who was also unwillingly bestowed the title of Okabe Rintarou's assistant.
    • MAGES. sometimes references a "Door of the Fate Stone". This is another reference to Okabe.
      • Steins;Gate literally translates to "Stone;Gate".
    • You can buy Makise Kurisu's outfit as a DLC costume for MAGES.
  • MAGES. is the only DLC character from Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory that does not appear in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2.
  • In spite of the characters being cousins, 5pb. is the parent company of MAGES. Inc., though MAGES. is still the younger one.
    • However, MAGES. Inc. was founded a year before 5pb.
    • MAGES.' connection to 5pb.'s might be related to why she has references to Steins;Gate as 5pb. was the company who made the Steins;Gate series, though Mages. Inc. is never specifically officially listed as having worked on it.


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