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Maho, also known as Gray Sister, is one of the supporting characters appearing in Choujigen Game Neptune: Sisters vs Sisters. She is the CPU Candidate of the PC Continent and a software developer who works with Anri to create observation instruments to end the Buzzoer Phenomenon.




Maho has reddish pink hair tied to a ponytail with a hairclip resembling a wifi symbol and red amber eyes. her attire boasts a white and blue blazer with buttons representing smartphone apps, a black and light blue neck brace, a black dress with the zipper resembling the power symbol, a see through skirt to match her blazer, and a white belt. her legwear consists of black thigh high socks and yellow sneakers with a lightning bolt symbol.


She has responsibilities on putting Nepgear and the candidates to sleep however she helped nepgear stop Buzzoer Phenomenon and defeated Arfoire.

Gray Sister


As Gray Sister, she boasts long, black and gray hair with magenta eyes. Her attire consists of a white and gray bodysuit with a translucent V-shaped window on her abdomen, an earpiece microphone, matching gloves with gauntlets, boots, pieces of armor on her upper arms and waist and a floating crown on top.


She used her HDD form to put Nepgear and the other CPU candidates to sleep for two years.


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Choujigen Game Neptune: Sisters vs Sisters

She is picked up by Anri, who has evacuated from the PC Continent, where she had collapsed near Planeptune.

She is good at software development, and she works with Anri to create observation instruments and works hard day and night to elucidate the Buzzoer Phenomenon.

She put Nepgear and the candidates to sleep after Neptune and the CPUs were captured by Arfoire.


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