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Really?!Wow, you really are a Hero!
— Maisy

Maisy is a minor supporting character seeking to free Poly Island from the control of Bombyx Mori. She uses Bokemon and gets the help of Neptune's party and the Resistance to accomplish that goal.



Maisy has large round blue eyes with shoulder left blond hair. She wears a big red mushroom shaped cap decorated with with a white dot on the right surrounded by a white circular stripe. Her outfit consists a white blouse with a beige vest with a black collar worn on top. She wears shorts and then a short red skirt on top of that. On her waist is a belt that also holds her purse. She wears black socks with brown stripes and red and white boots on top of that.


Maisy first appears to be a shy and desperate girl, who can hardly express herself as she was chased off her home island. However she has a lot of guts once she gets encouraged. She is protective of her Bokemon and looks up to Neptune's party as true heroes.


Super Neptunia RPG

Head to Planeptune from Leanbox Harbor
Maisy is trying to increase the strength of her Bokemon following the field guide, Bokedex. However she lost control of her monsters and they run off to attack the first thing they see. Maisy runs after them, helpless in trying to stop them. Despite being startled, their supposed first victims, a party of four girls defeat her Bokemon.

Neptune admits she is exhausted after all that. Noire wonders what that all was about, it was different than the usual monster. Blanc thinks it could be a new type of monster but... Vert, regardless is glad they came out of all that in one piece. The party then notices Maisy.

Maisy is trying to say something but can't. Neptune asks if she is not part of Bombyx Mori. Maisy tells Neptune she is correct, and she stutters as she tries to explain who she is. However, the only thing Maisy can say is that the party attacked her Bokemon. This shocks the party who now realizes what they just fought. Neptune then asks what is a Bokemon. Blanc notes that she has never heard of this before.

Maisy hopes her Bokemon are okay. She apologizes for her Bokemon attacking them. Blanc finds it odd that one could be worried about monsters getting hurt. Noire tells the girl to calm down as it is alright. Maisy continues to profusely apologize. Vert tells Maisy that they are friends and asks her to just tell them what is going on.

Maisy agrees and begins to explain. Bombyx Mori built their HQ on the island, she used to live in and chased all the inhabitants out. Maisy and her older sister made a promise to take back their hometown and that is all she wants. That is why she came to Leanbox to find the Resistance and ask for their help.

Before that, one a random day, she was in a tavern and she saw some Bombyx Mori and their cronies. Neptune asks what they were doing. Maisy explains that they were talking and looking at some sort of field guide for some device. A Bombyx Mori asks his subordinate how the project is going and if they are getting stronger. The subordinate gives a glowing report on the project, explaining that it is insane how much stronger they grown even the small monsters. The Bombyx Mori captain declares that with the help of this machine, they wipe out the remaining people.

The subordinate can't wait to catch more monsters. She praises her field guide, the Bokedex and toasts a glass with her captain. The captain laughs as well, but tells his subordinate to keep it down as the Resistance might be listening but toast his glass as well. When Maisy heard about wiping out the remaining people, she was thinking about the people on her home island so she waited for the Bombyx Mori to get drunk and knocked out.

She then stole their device and field guide. Neptune then realizes that she is holding a field guide with the word "Bokedex" written in big letters in the front. Vert thinks if that was supposed to be a secret, then they got really careless. Noire asks if she can see it. Maisy hands Noire the Bokedex. She notes that while there are a lot of monsters here, they are different from the ones she has seen.

She then reads "Command" and wonder that does. Blanc suggests that it is a way to control these monsters. Blanc reads that if you set the device on the monster and use the command, they evolve. Noire continues to read that they have to rapidly hit the "Confirm Button" 23 times for it to work. Noire thinks that is a strange command.

Vert thinks this is a hidden trick to getting the device to work. Neptune wonders if it is a cheat code of sorts. Maisy thought if she made the monsters stronger, she could save the island on her own however the monsters became violent and she couldn't control them. Then they attacked the party. She wanted them to stop but all she could do was watch. Maisy profusely apologizes.

Neptune tells Maisy not to worry about it as they are perfectly fine. Vert adds that they are Heroes, after all. Neptune agrees. Maisy is glad to hear that. That being said, Noire thinks what Bombyx Mori is doing is horrible, driving people out of the homes and all. Blanc continues to read the field guide and comes across Bokemon such as Seaqueen and Ratattack. She concludes that there are a lot of strange monsters in this guide and it is fascinating.

Maisy explains that she is going to Lowee, as that is where the Bombyx Mori people said they are going. Neptune warns her about the danger of all that. Maisy explains that she has no other options, she has no idea how to get a hold of the Resistance, so... Neptune tells Maisy to tell the Resistance that Neptune's party sent her. She tells Maisy to tell the Resistance that she is friends with Neptune the Brave and they'll help.

Maisy is surprised it could be that easy and praises Neptune for being a real Hero. Neptune happily agrees that she definitely is a hero. Noire warns her not to be caught by Bombyx Mori. Maisy assures Noire that she will be fine as Bombyx Mori is pretty stupid. Blanc agrees with her assessment of Bombyx Mori but regardless she should be careful. Maisy assures them that she will be careful and thanks the party as she leaves to the Lowee.



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  • Maisy never really mentions her name throughout the story, however it can be seen when she is narrating her flashback
  • Maisy is an obvious reference to a Pokémon trainer. Her overall design is a mix of Red's from FireRed and LeafGreen versions, as well as Dawn's from Diamond and Pearl versions.
    • Maisy's name is also a combination of Daisy Oak's from the games set in Kanto as well as May, the female player character from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions.