MarvelousAQL is a kunoichi with a bubbly personality and a equally bubbly chest to match. She goes by the names Marvelous and Marvy. She is very determined and wants to help the CPUs.



MarvelousAQL has orange over the shoulder length hair, matching orange eyes with musical notes symbols in the middle, and wears an earpiece microphone. Her clothing consists of a white, opened button up shirt with blue circles on the shoulder blades and black lining, a red ribbon around her neck, matching cuffs on her wrists, and black, pleated skirt with a gray jacket wrapped around her waist along with two swords on the side. Her shoes match her shirt in terms of design, having a white base with black lining. 


MarvelousAQL is an upbeat and cheerful young woman who is always optimistic and wearing a smile on her face. This is mainly due to the vow she made to herself after the death of her companions years ago. She is shown to be very honorable, not wanting to allow others to do things for her and not have her return the favor in some way or form. She is independent and strong, both physically and mentally. Her personality is very similar to Asuka from the Senran Kagura series.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION

MarvelousAQL can be recruited into the party starting at Chapter 4, if Lowee's shares reach 30% or higher.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

MarvelousAQL joins the party near the end of Chapter 5 during a battle with a CPU Breaker.


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