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My ninja codename is MarvelousAQL, and I was dispatched from my ninja academy at Histoire's request.
— MarvelousAQL.

MarvelousAQL is a kunoichi assigned to Planeptune by a certain ninja academy. She has a bubbly personality and a bubbly chest to match. She goes by the names Marvelous and Marvy. She is very determined and wants to help the CPUs.



MarvelousAQL has orange over the shoulder length hair, matching orange eyes with musical notes symbols in the middle, and wears an earpiece microphone. Her clothing consists of a white, opened button up shirt with blue circles on the shoulder blades and black lining, a red ribbon around her neck, matching cuffs on her wrists, and black, pleated skirt with a gray jacket wrapped around her waist along with two swords on the side. Her shoes match her shirt in terms of design, having a white base with black lining.


MarvelousAQL is an upbeat and cheerful young woman who is always optimistic and wearing a smile on her face. This is mainly due to the vow she made to herself after the death of her companions years ago. She is shown to be very honorable, not wanting to allow others to do things for her and not have her return the favor in some way or form. She is independent and strong, both physically and mentally. Her personality is very similar to Asuka from Senran Kagura.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Marvelous Arrives

MarvelousAQL first meets Neptune after being summoned by Izawa by Neptune's request and is elated to see her. She reveals that Histoire had dispatched her from her Ninja academy to assist Neptune in the shadows but she ended up getting lost before being summoned by Izawa. She introduces herself wit ninja codename MarvelousAQL and gives Neptune the nickname "Neppy" after Neptune decides to call her "Marvy" due to MarvelousAQL being too long and sounding weird.

Why The Sigh?

MarvelousAQL is depressed at the fact that one of her ninja uniforms is all ripped up and that she didn't bring many spares which makes her feel like it's a waste. She is shocked when Noire pops up and asks her what's wrong. When she explains the situation to Noire, Noire decides to help her repair the damages on her uniform. MarvelousAQL is extremely grateful to her and insists that she returns the favor to Noire. When Noire finally agrees, she requests that MarvelousAQL tries on the costumes that she makes and attends cosplay events with her while keeping it all a secret from the rest of the party. Marvelous accepts, finding it to be an easy request to honor.

Marvey's Training

Neptune runs up to MarvelousAQL and asks for her to teach her "ninjer-magic." MarvelousAQL comments on how Neptune has a tendency for saying the oddest things out of the blue before proceeding to tell her the fundamentals of being a ninja. She then tells Neptune that she can use techniques through a scroll and allows Neptune to use a fuuton scroll. After explaining how to use it to Neptune, Neptune begins to summon forth extremely powerful winds which causes MarvelousAQL's clothes to rip. MarvelousAQL tells Neptune to stop but Neptune says she can't.

Marvey's Favorite Food

MarvelousAQL speaks with Blanc who asks her if there is any particular food she has eaten since she was a child. She responds by saying that she has always eaten futomaki since she was young as a snack and during meals. When she speaks to Blanc again she sees her eating futomaki and learns that Blanc had her factories make them. When Blanc offers some to her she gladly accepts and comments on how good it tastes and on how she can't wait to taste more of Lowee's special futomaki.

Musical Influence

MarvelousAQL walks into Planeptune's Basilicom and finds Neptune, Nepgear, and Noire. She comments on how lively things sound and asks what's up. Noire explains how Neptune saw MarvelousAQL in a musical on TV and hasn't shut up since. Marvelous says that some people get that way and it's actually why she got into musicals herself after working as an actresses' bodyguard and she even suggested that her academy put on musicals as assignments for artsy things. Noire states how she is jealous that MarvelousAQL got to see a live musical concert. Marvelous suggests that Neptune and the others all come to her academy's musical which is based on games and anime made for the youths of today and will be taking place in Planeptune.

Marvey's Past

MarvelousAQL doses off to sleep while watching Millionep Quiz with Neptune and has a dream about her past involving when she and her two companions went off on a mission together but fell into the enemy's trap. While they managed to escape, her companions were severely injured and she was unable to help them. They told her that she looked better with a smile and that she should keep on smiling. She vowed to herself to keep on smiling and took the blades and names of those two girls making her ninja codename, MarvelousAQL. When she wakes up, Neptune is concerned about her due to it having looked like she had just had a nightmare. MarvelousAQL assures her that she is fine and goes off on patrol.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

MarvelousAQL's role remains the same as Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory with the exception that she was not summoned by Izawa and there are minor alterations to the optional events.








EX Finish

EXE Drive



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