Opening Scene

The cast finds the lair of HachimaJin in the hidden classroom 1-6. Blanc and Uzume discuss that while it may be Dark History, it shouldn't be forgotten, as it could easily have happened to them. Neptune points out that he seems to love money and trolling people, and that he was probably a pretty bad guy to begin with, so Blanc retracts her statement, much to the disgust of Uzume.

Cut 12-1

Ending Scene


Blanc starts off with a thank you message to everyone playing, when Neptune and the other CPU's show up to ruin the scene. Vert and HachimaJin mock Blanc about her little poetic lines before scenes, Neptune brings up Magical Noirina, which Noire looks horrified about, and they bring up Nepgear and Uni embarrassing themselves during a nice love scene.

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