Opening Scene

Neptune welcomes Blanc to the film club, and introduces everyone. Neptune is the president (Number One), Nepgear is second in command (Number Two), and Rom and Ram are junior members (Number Three and Four). Neptune gives Blanc the title of Number Five, but Blanc, being the director, suggests that she should be Number Zero.

After this discussion, Tamsoft comes in and asks about the scene they are shooting. Neptune and Blanc seem confused about this because they aren't shooting anything at this time. Tamsoft saw zombies in the halls and assumed it was part of the movie. Everyone runs out to see what's going on, and finds that actual zombies are attacking students. Blanc has an idea on how to start the movie, and suggests they use shot of them fighting the real zombies in their movie, because they don't have money for costumes. Neptune and the others go to fight, and Tamsoft jumps in to fight as well

Cut 2-1

Alternate Cut 2-1

  • Conditions - Use Nepgear & Tamsoft

Cut 2-3

Alternate Cut 2-3

  • Conditions - Use Rom & Ram

Ending Scene

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