Opening Scene

Blanc and Neptune are having trouble filming the movie on school grounds, because they aren't an official club, so they approach the student council for help. Vice President Noire flat out refuses, but President Vert is willing to work with them as long as they become an official club. Noire accuses Vert of being too soft, but Vert believes Noire is just trying to protect them from 'That' incident.

After approaching the student council, they head back to the club room, and are ambushed by Dengekiko and Famitsu from the newspaper club. Both of them are trying to get an exclusive interview with Blanc about the movie for their respective papers. After arguing for a while, Blanc agrees to be interviewed, but not exclusively to either of them, but in return they have to help out with the movie. They both initially refuse, but when Rom looks at Dengekiko with puppy dog eyes, she caves and agrees to work with them. Famitsu, not wanting to be outdone, also agrees to help

Cut 3-1

Alternate Cut 3-1a

  • Conditions - Use Nepgear & Tamsoft

Alternate Cut 3-1b

  • Conditions - Use Rom & Ram

Cut 3-3

Alternate Cut 3-3a

  • Conditions - Use Nepgear & Dengekiko

Alternate Cut 3-3b

  • Conditions - Use Famitsu & Tamsoft

Ending Scene

After joining in to the movie, Dengekiko and Famitsu start arguing about who is gonna have the better article in their newspapers, when Rom appears again with puppy dog eyes and convinces them to become friends instead of fighting each other

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