Opening Scene

Noire is getting annoyed with the Film Club causing problems, when Uni mentions she was helping them with the movie as well, as a firearms consultant. Uni thinks Noire might be jealous because she wasn't invited to join them. Noire tries to defend herself, when they both hear screaming from the hall. Both of them race out to find that zombies are attacking, and go to help. Blanc and the others are already there, and tells Noire that they're going to be filming her. Noire gets annoyed that they're taking this so lightly, but Blanc argues that they are.

Cut 4-1

Alternate Cut 4-1a

  • Conditions - Use Famitsu & Tamsoft

Alternate Cut 4-1b

  • Conditions - Use Ram & Dengekiko

Cut 4-3

Alternate Cut 4-3a

  • Conditions - Use Nepgear & Rom

Alternate Cut 4-3b

  • Conditions - Use Uni & Noire

Cut 4-5

Alternate Cut 4-5a

  • Conditions - Use Noire & Uni

Alternate Cut 4-5b

  • Conditions - Use Dengekiko & Famitsu

End Scene

After the scene, Blanc compliments Noire on her acting prowess. Noire acts as if Blanc was stating the obvious, and wants to see how well Nepgear recorded it. Uni feels pretty down because Noire stole the show, but Blanc tells her she did a really good job, as Noire could be replaced by most others in the cast because most of them use swords, but what Uni brings is unique because she is their only firearms expert.

Noire ask Blanc about what type of zombie movie they're aiming to make. Blanc explains that she's going for something completely original that's never been done before. Noire is a bit uneasy about this prospect. Blanc figures that she had better make sure that the competition wasn't doing anything similar, so her and Noire check out NepuNepu Video. Blanc notices a link to a video called "Magical Noirina". Noire looks horrified, and claims it wasn't her. Blanc mentions that she heard about someone making a fool of themselves on the internet. Noire made it because she was also trying to help save the school, but all the comments were really mean. She tried deleting the bad comments, but it made the situation worse. Blanc asks why she didn't delete the video, and Noire says that she forgot the password to the account

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