Battle System

Combo Make

Combo Make is a system that enables you to create the combos that a character can unleash in battle.

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  1. Combo List: The list of the possible combo of the weapon currently equipped.
  2. Combo Set: The different combos that can be used by the currently equipped weapon. Combo can be unleashed to a maximum of 5, and one combo can be set corresponding to the "Rush", "Power" and "Standard" types respectively. Please note that the same combo can be only set in only one place.
  3. Combo Details: "Combo Traits" - if you fulfill the conditions your attacks within the combo will always hit with critical damage. Considering the sequence of use is the shortcut in strategy that leads to the creation of good, efficient sets.
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The number of combos is determined by the weapon. The number of combo for all characters isn't common, but is determined by the weapon equipped. Therefore, selecting the weapon becomes the key of battle.

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In this game the main structure of the "combo attack" has also changed. Replacing "Break" from the previous games, "Standard" has been introduced, so that the attacks are composed of the free use of the three techniques "Rush", "Power", "Standard".

  • Rush: Attacks that focus on fast multi-hit strikes at the cost of raw damage. Rush attacks not only tend to have high hit counts, but each individual hit charges up the EXE gauge by a greater degree than with Power or Standard attacks.
  • Power: In contrast to Rush, Power attacks trade hit count for raw damage.
  • Standard: A middle ground between Rush and Power with a balance of good raw damage output with a good number of hits per attack.
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At the moment of performing a combo attack, the order of use of a technique increases the power of the following technique used. These "Combo Traits" can be verified in the menu, so review the "Traits" set when setting the combo sets.

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