aka Mashrafe Aiman

  • I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Game Quality Assurance Tester
  • I am Male
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  • Happy New Year everyone! Hope nobody got drunk...

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  • Hi, welcome to Hyperdimension Neptunia Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Uzume Tennouboshi page. Be sure to read up on the Policies and guidelines of the the wiki to learn about the best practices of the site before making anymore edits.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • How do i create a Userpage?

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    • You already did by default of editing.

      Anyways, I like your enthusiasm for editing and I would like to give you some recommendations.When you are creating pages, consider looking at similar pages before creating them. There is an outline.

      For example, Wishuel is a city, Planeptune is a city, pages should be made similarly. There is no need for a template for cities, it is just a picture of the city and describe to the best of your ability.

      Heart Dimension, a dimension, Hyper Dimension or Zero Dimension. There is no need for tabs. On that note, your image of Heart Dimension was unncessary as there are already pictures of Heart Dimension on the Megadimension Neptunia VII/Image Gallery#Illustrations/Key Visuals. I probably will replace your image down the line.

      Your image of Wishuel that you upload are not descriptive, Wishuel was called System1_1.jpg, calling it Wishuel would have been better, just like for your image on Heart Dimension.

      In addition, your templates, please name them descriptively, a temporary template is not a good name. Again, I will probably get rid of it or rename it down the line. Also the template infobox dungeon, serves as the general location template. It can simply be stated that Wishuel is a city on the article instead of the infobox.

      Finally, I will admit I was peeved when you changed a large majority of the templates, luckily nothing too bad happened, but I would have strongly perferred if you have asked anyone, not just me before doing something so drastic. Luckily it did give me motivation to look at old pages to change a few things on formatting but I digress, when doing big changes, like templates, be wary.

      Anyways, I, not a bot would now like to welcome you aboard to this wiki. I like your intiative but please do talk to users before attempting drastic changes.

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