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Miamoato was one of the four legendary heroes who had successfully defeated a goddess who had fallen down the path of evil. In the past, his partner was a dinosaur who, even after his death, passed down stories about him, like how he became a hero. He hails from Lowee and his Quartet Arm is known as the Trust Spear.


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The goddess at the time had fallen down the path of evil, and Miamoato and his three companions who hailed from the lands of Planeptune, Leanbox, and Lastation, all ascended to Celestia via a special path that would allow mere humans to reach the holy land. There, they defeated the goddess and saved the world from impending destruction. They then used their weapons to serve as the keys to the gate, protecting the path to Celestia so that no one could have free access to it, as it would most likely cause trouble.

After fighting the goddess, Miamoato lost his lover to the king of his land, at that time. He challenged the man to many duels. The weapons he used back then were stowed away in a cave in Lowee.

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  • Miamoato is a reference to Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese video game designer and producer for Nintendo. He is best known as the creator of some of the best-selling, most critically acclaimed, most enduring, and most influential games and franchises of all time.


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