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Million Arthur is a guest character that is playable in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She is a collaboration character based off of Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur. Released as DLC on September 7th, 2015 in Japan and April 18th, 2016 in North America. However, she was later delisted on January 22, 2020 due to license expiration. Consequently, she does not return in the Switch port.



Million Arthur has crimson eyes and long blonde hair worn in a braided ponytail. So far down rests two glowing blue rings to match the one circling the crown she wears. Part of her forelocks is braided and held with cyan pearls to match the one attached to her neck accessory.

Million Arthur's attire consists of a small, revealing black dress worn beneath crimson and gold pieces of material and silver armor.


Million Arthur, called Milli for short, is a somewhat aloof character who is easily distracted. Much like RED she has a strong attraction towards females. This can cause her to get distracted, and at times even daydream to the point of fantasy as shown in one scene with Neptune where she began daydreaming about becoming queen and gathering as many "Half-Clad Girls" as possible to serve under her, much to the chagrin of her partner Cheekama. Despite this glaring flaw, however, she is full of caliber and dedication to her dreams and will do anything to have that dream come true.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

The Girl From Britain

After traveling a far distance from Britain with Cheekama, the two decide to rest in a Planeptune forest. After hearing a scream, Million Arthur runs off to the source, with Cheekama exhaustively chasing after her. When Million Arthur reaches the source, she finds Neptune being attacked by two giant monsters. Million Arthur heals Neptune, introduces herself, and helps her fight the monsters.

After defeating the monsters, Neptune introduces herself to Million Arthur. Cheekama finally catches up to Million Arthur, exhausted. When Million Arthur explains the situation, Cheekama accuses her of helping solely because Neptune is cute. Million Arthur begins to agree but then rephrases her words more respectably. Neptune comments how Cheekama looks and acts like Histoire, so Million Arthur introduces her.

Neptune asks what an Arthur is, so the two explain that Arthurs are candidates to be the King of Britain, 1,000,000 of which exist. Cheekama inquires how there are CPUs that rule the continent, to which Neptune announces she is one. Cheekama deduces her identity using prior research. Million Arthur decides to accompany Neptune in her travels, to which Neptune immediately accepts.

What's Britain Like?

Neptune and Million Arthur are walking around Planeptune, Million Arthur impressed with the technology of the nation. Neptune asks Million Arthur what Britain is like. She explains that Britain is a country filled with magic, as opposed to technology. Though not only is it currently in a civil war, but invaders from a continent across the ocean are attacking, as well. There are also warring guilds and a backlash on the Excalibur System of weighing the king's caliber.

Cheekama then informs her that she needs to simplify her explanations, as she is confusing Neptune. Million Arthur then explains Britain as a country where half-naked women appear if you walk around. Neptune interprets this explanation to understand Britain as a sex paradise, which Cheekama swiftly refutes. Million Arthur continues to comment on the exposure of Purple Heart's outfit, a topic never touched on before. Million Arthur states that that is a thing to embrace.

Million Arthur then asks why Neptune became a CPU. Neptune explains that she was born a CPU, looking the way she does, and that they are born from the faith of the people. Neptune, in turn, asks how long Million Arthur has been an Arthur. She explains that she has been one since she drew her Excalibur, a sword that reveals those with the caliber to be king, out of the ground.

She continues to explain that there are people who couldn't draw the sword, that have become rebels known as The Eleven Rulers. There are also Arthurs who battle for political power, despite being allies. All of this on top of the invaders attacking Britain. Million Arthur states that she will become the true king in order to lead everyone to peace.

Cheekama questions if that is the sole reason for becoming king. Million Arthur reveals that there are additional desires involving cute girls and half-clad knights. Cheekama snaps Million Arthur out of a fantasy-filled trance, which Million Arthur plays off as a joke. Cheekama punishes Million Arthur by denying her of that night's dinner.

Neptune asks Million Arthur if there are any other interesting features besides half-naked girls. Cheekama asks Neptune to forget about that. Million Arthur says that she personally is interested in information on lost eras and super computers. Neptune wants to know if there are special goods, festivals or other things like that. Million Arthur says there is a Little Sister Land. It is not a festival but there are knights who get influenced by meteors and...

Nepgear has bought a chip that she was looking for. She proclaims her love for it. Uni has found a gun with a cute shape. She loves to feel it and wants to cuddle up with it in bed to whisper "sweet nothings" to it.

Million Arthur concludes that the knights would lose control of themselves just like the two there. Neptune clarifies that the two are just like this when they go hobby shopping.

How to Use A Knight Correctly?
Vert invites Million Arthur for tea. Vert says Darjeeling is one of the famous of teas to the point where it can be called the "king of teas". Million Arthur appreciates the phrasing and the tea but wants to know what Vert called her for. It cannot just be for tea. Vert laughs gets down to business. Vert explains that she is a card game enthusiast and wants to know more about knights. She would like to use them herself but notices that it seems to be limited to Million Arthur.

Vert wants information on their construction, how elements can become a Knight and if elements are exclusive to a certain few. Million Arthur explains that elements are partial data read from one's personality and strength. All living things have elements. Vert wonders if that means a Knight with a lovely body will be created with her elements. Million Arthur says there is some randomness with what is read off, but that is the general idea. Million Arthur thinks it would be better to demonstrate.

She creates a Knight using some elements she stocked up. She puts the elements in her crown. Vert notices the crown beginning to shine. A Duplicate Million Arthur announces that she will show her CALIBER. Million Arthur concludes that this is how one can create a Knight. Vert was unaware that the crown can create Knights. She thought it was a simple fashion accessory.

Million Arthur explains that Knights are normally created by a "Lake" but the crown can serve as an improvised version. One can transform the knights into cards for ease of carrying. Vert likens it to summoning magic. She is fired up by the Knights. Million Arthur continues with the fact that it can be like summoning but one can use the Knight's power through a card for attacks or healing. However, the card must be placed on the Round Table Model which she carries on her left arm. Only Arthurs can use the Round Table Model, though.

Vert understands but she finds it disappointing that she cannot use it herself. Vert notices that Million Arthur carries card cases on her waist and wonders if they are filled with Knights. Million Arthur says they are, as a single deck cannot cover all situations. She has a deck for serious battles, Cheery overfishing, Dark Element and all-target attacks. She even has a deck that acts as a "One Punch". Vert notes that there are a lot of variety for decks.

Vert also tells Million Arthur that she has clothing that were used by Nepgear and the other candidates. Million Arthur is pleased to hear this. Vert says that a person's feelings are left with their belongings. Vert asks if Million Arthur understands where she is going at. Million Arthur understands and the two laugh. They create a bunch of duplicates of Nepgear and Uni as well as one duplicate of Neptune and Uzume to have a bath with.

A duplicate Uzume praises Vert for being the best. A duplicate Uni gives Vert and Million Arthur some cups of juice. Vert claims she is in heaven. Million Arthur adores the fact that the duplicate little sisters are calling her a big sister.

Another duplicate Nepgear feeds Million Arthur the juice. Million Arthur praises the duplicate Nepgear for being a good girl and brings her close to her bosom. The duplicate is shocked. Million Arthur asks what is wrong to which the duplicate asks for more. She wants Million Arthur to "squishy squish" her more. A duplicate Uni finds it unfair that the duplicate Nepgear is always getting praised. Vert announces that she will "squishy squish" all the present knights.

The duplicates are happy to hear this and fight with each other to be the first. Vert tells them not to worry as she will give them all attention. She asks that the duplicates remove all unnecessary things and leap into her chest. Million Arthur praises Vert for such a good move. She also asks that the duplicates do the same. All the duplicates agree as well as the actual Nepgear, who saw the commotion and went to check out the bath earlier. She stops herself and asks the two what they are doing.

Million Arthur finds it interesting that a knight has not become attached to them yet. In addition, she does not like how the knight is still wearing clothes in a bathing area. Vert takes this as an opportunity to show of their skills. Million Arthur agrees and the two decide to try to win over Nepgear like all the other knights. Nepgear is confused. Million Arthur asks that Nepgear entrust her body and soul to her older sisters. Nepgear refuses.

Cheekama barges in and wonders what is going on. Million Arthur is surprised. Cheekama ends the bath. Cheekama tells Arthur that she did not have do this and if she wanted a bath, she would have but stops herself. It is a waste of crystals to do this. Million Arthu disagrees as there is no better way to use crystals but this. Vert agrees.

Cheekama asks Vert if the reason she lured Cheekama away was because of this. Vert asks her about her tour of Leanbox and if she learned anything about elements. Cheekama has learned to never take her eyes of Million Arthur and to never let her make Knights as she pleases. Cheekama confiscates all the Knights. Million Arthur is sad to lose all her adorable little sisters. Nepgear says her older sister is Neptune.

Cheekama asks Arthur from now on to ask people for permission before using their elements. Million Arthur understands and immediately asks Nepgear and Vert for their elements. Vert is surprised that she would be asked and Nepgear refuses. Million Arthur is unhappy to hear their response but says she will eventually open their hearts and laughs. Cheekama cries and explains this is the reason why she does not take elements from anyone.

Uni is upset. Million Arthur notices and asks if she wants someone to listen to her. If possible, she would also help Uni if she can. Uni agrees as she cannot tell the others about this. Million Arthur tells her not to hold back and she will point her towards a solution.

Uni says she is trying to be a full-fledged CPU but is not seeing results. She does not feel like she is catching up to her sister. In addition, she feels there is distance growing between her and Nepgear. They promised each other that they would both become CPUs together but Uni feels that Nepgear will leave her behind. Uni worries that if that does happen, their relation will break.

Million Arthur asks Uni what one needs to stand above all others. Uni thinks it is principles or ideals. Million Arthur disagrees and says it is CALIBER. Uni ponders the word caliber. Arthur tells her it is CALIBER. Uni gets confused and repeats caliber. Million Arthur says as Uni is, her CALIBER is a simple caliber. Uni is still confused about CALIBER.

Million Arthur tells Uni that her wish to become stronger to catch up to her sister and keep her promise to Nepgear is the reason why she feels she cannot do those things. Uni is still confused. Million Arthur asks if she believes a king, or patron CPU exist for the sake of their people. Uni does believe this. Million Arthur says she believes Uni cannot feel her growth because she wants to get closer and not get left behind. She is under the impression that Noire and Nepgear do not hold worries. Uni starts to understand.

Million Arthur continues with her belief that nothing that exists is perfect. She is sure that Noire and Nepgear compare themselves to other CPUs and sometimes feel uneasy at times. Uni remembers that Noire does see Neptune and the others as rivals. However, Noire is different from her. Million Arthur thinks Uni is forgetting about her good points in order to not get left behind. Uni starts to think about her good points. Million Arthur tells her to have more confidence in herself. From her perspective, Uni is doing a wonderful job in supporting Noire and Lastation. Uni does not really see that. Million Arthur tells her not to jump into self-deprecation all the time.

Million Arthur says that her efforts will bear fruit but she must believe in herself and stand tall with a large CALIBER. Uni thinks about CALIBER again. Million Arthur notices that Uni has a much better expression. She asks if her shoulders have loosened up. Uni thinks so and thanks Million Arthur. Her head was filled up with useless thoughts. Million Arthur tells her to hold fast to her dream and not to worry. If one cannot live dreaming of a better tomorrow, then they are not a CPU. Uni happily agrees.

Size of your CALIBER
Million Arthur defeats the last monster in battle within the Heart Dimension. She thinks monsters in the Heart Dimension are fiercer than other dimension's monsters. Neptune praises everyone for clearing the monsters. Million Arthur asks Neptune if she is injured but Neptune is fine. Million Arthur disagrees as Neptune may have injured herself without realizing and that would be No Justice. She wants to examine every inch of her body. Neptune is uncomfortable with that.

Cheekama notices Arthur's intentions. Arthur agrees with Cheekama's deduction as loving beautiful girls is what makes Justice Train Million Arthur. Uni tells her that she does not need to love them and she really does not understand Justice Train at all either. Million Arthur finds it odd that the joke is unpopular in this area.

Nepgear asks Million Arthur if she has any business in the Heart Dimension. Uni thought Million Arthur just wanted some training. Million Arthur asks Nepgear if this dimension mirrors a person's heart. Nepgear says that this is correct and their older sister's dream were materialized but it caused trouble in many different ways. Neptune does not think her dream caused any trouble. Vert was very happy with her dream. Million Arthur thinks that this is most lucky. Cheekama wonders what Arthur is planning to do.

Million Arthur dreams up fakes of Uni, Vert, S-Sha and Million Arthur who declare their intentions to "squishy squish" everyone. Vert is shocked by this. Uni wonders if the Heart Dimension created fakes from Million Arthur's daydream. Neptune notices coming this way. Nepgear wonders what should they do. Uni notes they have no choice at this point. Vert agrees, they will "squishy squish" the fakes not be squished themselves. Million Arthur thinks Vert is right and tells everyone to go. Everyone tells her not to say that.

The party enter a difficult battle against the fakes and come out on top. Million Arthur found the battle fierce. She thinks the strength of the fakes were proportional to their cuteness. Million Arthur corrects herself, as she believes they are strong as the king's CALIBER as she was their creator. Cheekama thinks that they are strong as her lust. Million Arthur decides to make rounds to this dungeon every Sunday until she exhausts her AP. Vert thinks that is a wonderful idea. Neptune is surprised at how tough this ridiculous quest is. Nepgear wants anything but that.


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  • With the license being renewed in Japan, she would also be relisted in the PS4 port on April 23, 2020.


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